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Graphics / PostFX Segmentation Fault on Ubuntu 9.10
« on: November 01, 2009, 05:56:58 am »
Ack, I am not liking Build 1250 so far.
Here's my code:
Code: [Select]
#include <SFML/Graphics.hpp>
#include <ctime>
int main(){
 sf::PostFX Water;
 sf::RenderWindow Window(sf::VideoMode(512, 512, 32), "Test");
 if (sf::PostFX::CanUsePostFX()){
  Water.SetTexture("screen", NULL);
  Water.SetParameter("time", (double)clock());

Code: [Select]
texture screen
float time

vec2 offset = vec2(cos(time/500+_in.x*10)/50, sin(time/500+_in.y*10)/50);
_out = vec4(screen(_in+offset));

The Window.Draw(Water) function is giving me a segmentation fault. I looked over the Shader, and it has nothing that could be causing this afaik. Did you remove the wrappers? This code worked in earlier builds. :\ Just to be sure it wasn't my code, I even tested with this Shader:
Code: [Select]
texture screen
float time

    _out = vec4(screen(_in));

Still get a segmentation fault.

Audio / Build 1250 gives error with loading Audio
« on: October 28, 2009, 04:26:50 am »
I tried to run my game with Build 1250, and discovered something strange. When I try to load an Audio file, the console gives this error:
Failed to play audio stream : sound parameters have not been initialized (call Initialize first)
After that error is given, the program crashes. Does anyone have any ideas why this happens? I am on Ubuntu 9.04.

Graphics / sf::RenderWindow.Capture is gone?
« on: September 26, 2009, 02:08:43 am »
What just happened? I updated to the latest SFML2 Build, and now there's no more sf::RenderWindow.Capture(). Is there a reason you removed it? I can't find anything else for Capturing RenderWindows in the Documentation, and I need it for my freezeframe Message Box.

Audio / SFML Audio 1.5 WAV File Not Playing
« on: August 14, 2009, 06:12:19 am »
I have tried everything, including resetting the buffer when I load a sound. The Console isn't telling me anything that could be causing the problem, either. Currently I am using:
Yes, I have confirmed that the file exists. SFX was initialized as sf::Sound SFX(Sound), and Sound IS a SoundBuffer. Could it be a problem with the file itself?

Graphics / SFML 1.4: SetScaleX does not appear to be working
« on: August 07, 2009, 06:02:00 am »
I am attempting to flip a Sprite in my game based on which way the player is facing, but when I use Sprite.SetScaleX(-1), the Image remains facing right instead of left. It was enclosed in a condition, so I removed the condition to see if that was a problem, and it still does not flip. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this problem? I would appreciate help. Thanks!

Graphics / sf::Sprite instances don't auto-resize
« on: July 22, 2009, 06:34:13 am »
I KNOW this has been posted before, but could someone explain WHY sf::Sprite Instances don't auto-resize themselves to the size of the Image that they are set to with SetImage? It's annoying to do it manually with every Sprite/Image whenever I reload an image. I'm using SFML 1.4 because Ubuntu 9.04's Repos haven't been updated with SFML 1.5.

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