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SFML projects / Cubus Puram 2
« on: October 19, 2014, 07:41:58 pm »
Hello everyone!

I've been making games for almost a year for now. Let me present you my latest finished game :

In this puzzle game you have to clear the field of every red blocks but you can't go back. All sort of mechanisms will be in your way, making the game more complicated.

There are 72 levels with increasing difficulty.

Some screenshot of the game:

The game has been developped in C++ with SFML, I've been using Visual Studio 2012. The graphics have been made with gimp, the sounds effects with bfxr and the musics have been made by Jason Shaw. You can see all of his work here : http://audionautix.com/

The game is available for Windows and Linux.

Official website with the download link : http://cubuspuram2.weebly.com/

I hope you'll enjoy the game !


If you are curious, you can check the prequel : Cubus Puram 1 on desura : http://www.desura.com/games/cubus-puram
Beware, the game won't work properly for modest computers because of non-optimisation, it was my very first game and the code was very messy.

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