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SFML projects / Hexamaster Networked [MAC]
« on: December 02, 2015, 01:01:00 am »
HexaMaster Networked Version 1 - Alpha [MAC]

Download :

Description: This is a game created in C++ and SFML. It took a week to develop. It is a game inspired by Tetramaster from the final fantasy series, and the rules have similarities. It was my first networked game, using tcp connection through SFML, it requires one person to be the server, and the other to connect to the server as the client by using the servers IP.

How to Setup:
Note: You can play this game with yourself using two windows, just duplicate the program and open both. Using one as server and one as client, using your own local IP address for the client.

If you want it to work outside of your router, the server user must port forward port 50001

If the program cannot open it is because you need to allow non-app store programs to be opened on your mac. So just right click the application and then click open and it will prompt you, and you can open it.

Once the program is open you need one computer or window to start as the server first. Then the other computer or window to be the client afterwards. Just click the corresponding button. To work over your router - For the client you will first need to input the local IP address of the server, to find your ‘local IP’, refer to the image below. And to get this to connect to a computer outside of your router you need to use the 'public IP' - As well as make sure the server has port 50001 port forwarded.

Once both the server and client are connected, it will display that it is Green’s turn (Server), and you can begin playing.

Only the server can reset the game board.
The server must be created before the client can connect properly.
There is a chat log, so feel free to talk to the other player, press enter to send the message.

When it is your turn you place a hex-tile on the board, and once placed it cannot move.
The first number on the tile is your Attack.
The second number on the tile is your Defense.
You can only attack a tile if you have an arrow facing the enemy.
If you attack another tile with your arrow, and they have no defending arrow, you automatically claim their card.
If you have multiple arrows facing an enemy tile, the enemy tiles are highlighted and you must click and decide which tile to attack (tip: think about combos).
If you attack another tile with an arrow, a battle takes place, where a random number is generated from 1 to your attack, and a random number is generated from 1 to your opponents defense. If the attackers attack is higher than the defenders defense then you claim the card. Defender wins ties. You lose card if defender defense is higher than your attack.
Combos: If you claim a card while attacking, you also claim all enemy cards directed from the claimed cards arrows. The combo doesn’t infinitely link, only takes place from the claimed card.
Win: To win you must own more tiles once all tiles are placed. On equal ownership it is a tie game.
Reset: Server can reset the game upon win/loss/tie or any time they want to restart the game.

Screen Shots:

Feedback and Testing is welcomed
Feel free to play with other people on the forum, or if you can’t find anyone to play with online, just use two windows and find a friend or family member to play with.

« on: August 14, 2015, 01:24:04 am »
Do you want to learn C++ SFML Game Design?
23 Videos so far, and more coming soon. Check out the screen shots below!

SFML projects / 2DIQ 1.00
« on: August 04, 2015, 07:00:38 am »
Download for Mac

Source code if you want to build yourself

This code is all open source. Feel free to copy/steal.

Youtube Video of Last Update

There may be glitches, if so restart and try again. This game was made for fun, and is completely based off intelligent qube for ps1.

Rules -
Destroy the gray blocks using your bomb laying
Avoid destroying the black blocks
The green blocks turn into bombs, which can be detonated by Left Shift

Controls -
Instructions :
'WASD Movement'
'Space' - Activate/De-activate Tile
'LShift' - Detonate Bomb
'RShift' - Speed Up Blocks
'Press G To Start'
'Press H To Restart'

Known Glitches -
(There may be a problem with lvl 33 if you placed a mine down right before loading lvl, activation ability might not work on that lvl)
(If you stand too far up when loading blocks, they could load below you, and you are screwed)

Let me know if you find any more

SFML projects / Fisynthesis - Crafting, Fishing Game
« on: May 28, 2015, 07:40:43 am »
Fisynthesis 1.00 - Crafting, Fishing Game

Requesting Constructive Feedback :)
subconsciousbias on youtube

This is a prototype I started 5 days ago.
You can craft over 80+ recipes from things you catch.

Download it for MAC here:

It was written in c++ and sfml 2.3 - All in one main.cpp file
All the art is programmer art
This started as an inventory prototype

Constructive Feedback is welcomed, OR any recipes to add

Cooking Ingredients
500 - Salt
501 - Pepper
502 - Rice
503 - Flour
504 - Olive Oil
505 - Milk
506 - Cheese
507 - Egg
508 - Water
509 - Herbs
510 - Mixed Spices
511- Sugar
512 - Shortening
513 - Baking Powder
514 - Baking Soda
515 - Starch
516 - Brown Sugar
517 - Cocoa
518 - Vinegar
519 - Butter
520 - Noodles
521 - Asian Noodles

These are only the icons for the recipes - there are over 80+ recipes
Cooked Food
550 - Bread
551 - Rice Bowl
552 - Stir fried Rice Bowl
553 - Cheese Pizza
554 - Meat Pizza
555 - Fish Pizza
556 - Ramen Noodle Soup
557 - Stew
558 - Sandwich
559 - Cake
560 - Fish Sticks
561 - Sushi
562 - Chocolate Cake
563 - Omelette
564 - Fried Egg
565 - Biscuits
566 - Deep fried Fish
567 - Fish Nuggets
568 - Sashimi
569 - Soup
570 - Stir fry Dish
571 - Pudding
572 - Tea
573 - Pancake
574 - Waffle
575 - Wine
576 - Salsa
577 - Perogies
578 - Muffin
579 - Chili
580 - Jerky
581 - Skewer
582 - Pie

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