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General / Problems with 1.2
« on: January 26, 2008, 10:57:40 pm »
The problem has to do with the joystick initialization code. It appears that when calling joyGetPosEx during static initialization of a DLL it enters an infinite loop.

Window / Unable to get any joypad input
« on: January 26, 2008, 07:13:57 am »
I'm using v1.1  (v1.2 doesn't work for me).
OS: Vista 32bit
Compiler: VS2005SP1

Joypad: Logitech Dual Action, microsoft driver.
I get no joystick events (buttons & motion). Mouse & Keyboard work fine.

Anyone have this problem or know of a solution?

General / Problems with 1.2
« on: January 26, 2008, 07:06:05 am »
My config.
OS:Vista 32bit
Compiler: VS2005 w/ SP1

Hi I was unable to get any input from my joypad working with 1.1 so I tried upgrading to 1.2 and I have been unable to run either my program or the sample programs when built with the dynamic libraries.  I started with the Developer zip then tried the full SDK. I verified that I'm linking the proper libs, and using the right DLLs shipped with the SDK.

The programs refuse to start, they're frozen somewhere in the ntdll before the hit main. I've found this is usually when libraries are built with the wrong settings but that is only a guess.  The sample programs work when they are built with the static libraries. The programs do act a bit strange as it takes a few seconds for the process to die when killed.

Other problems:
The VS2005 projects are not properly configured to build the projects.  If they aren't going to be maintained they probably should not be distributed. Also the include path shouldn't be "$(SolutionDir)../include" but "$(SolutionDir)/../include" so the sln can be saved w/ the vcproj.

OpenAL.dll is not distributed in the SDK so you can't run the Pong sample program.

Any ideas about what is going on would be welcome as well as the status of fixing these problems in future releases. I've liked the library so far except for these bumps however I have so little time for my own development I can't spend it debugging 3rd party libs (I'm spending it debugging my own bugs ha).


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