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General discussions / DotNet
« on: October 08, 2008, 06:34:14 pm »

do you know how to compile SFML library ? If no, just follow instructions in the last chapter of the tutorial (Codeblocks or visual depending on your ide). You need to compile SFML as static library and in release.

After that, open the CSFML solution (build/VS or CB) and build as release DLL. Now you have your CSFML library somewhere in the CSFML/lib folder.

finally, build the SFML.Net library (always in release cfg), and you can add the resulting assembly (sfml-net dlls) to your project.

SFML.Net is not a stand-alone library : SFML (and CSFML) is required, that's why you need to build all these libs. =)

General discussions / DotNet
« on: October 08, 2008, 05:07:18 pm »

short version :

- Compile SFML (C++) static release
- Compile CSFML (C wrapper) dll release
- last, compile SFML.Net (.Net wrapper) release

after that you will find sfml-net[].dll assemblies in your dotnet/lib folder, these are the references you need to add to your project.

Don't forget to copy CSFML dll next to your exe.

General / MS VisualStrudio9 C++ SFML: How to port exe on others PC?
« on: October 08, 2008, 04:29:35 pm »
hmm ... that's a weird problem.

On this pc, is your drivers and windows up-to-date ?

General / MS VisualStrudio9 C++ SFML: How to port exe on others PC?
« on: October 07, 2008, 01:57:09 pm »
So if a minimal app run on the other computer, you have a problem with the app you want to distribute. Maybe a ressource (sound, image or other) problem ?

General / MS VisualStrudio9 C++ SFML: How to port exe on others PC?
« on: October 06, 2008, 09:33:34 pm »
For your previous reply, you cannot mix /MD and /MT : /MD is default for several application and lib precompiled libs (ie : SFML). If you want to use static linked library and compile your project in /MT all static library need to be (re)compiled in /MT.

Now, try to run a minimal app on the target computer (I mean just a window with a quit handler, like the window tuto), and see if you can reproduce the crash.

BTW : you use SFML 1.3 or svn ?

General / MS VisualStrudio9 C++ SFML: How to port exe on others PC?
« on: October 06, 2008, 06:02:43 pm »
First thing, when you want to distribute you app, make sure you fully compiled your project in release configuration.

After that, it depends on your compiler :

for GCC (mingw) : the standard library (c/c++ standard functions) is embeded in your app by default, you only need to provide your exe, and the dependencies dll and ressource (image, sound etc ) if any.

for vs : the standard lib isn't included in your compiled exe, final user must have the C++ runtime installed on his computer. Easiest way is to let the user download these libs, here. MSDN have a page that summarize deployment methods (side-by-side, static etc) for visual based applications, here.

General / Compile SFML with Code::Blocks and MinGW
« on: October 06, 2008, 02:11:30 pm »

compile process is very different between Visual and Codeblocks, IMHO Codeblocks is a little more power-user oriented (I don't say that one is better than the other).

For your runtime error, are you sure that you link correct SFML lib for your config (debug with debug, release with release).

Graphics / svn: sf::String sfs -> Access violation
« on: October 06, 2008, 01:15:57 pm »
Just ckecked with 895, DLL build, and no such problem.

Did you use static or dynamic linking ?

General / Compile SFML with Code::Blocks and MinGW
« on: October 06, 2008, 01:10:24 pm »

when you recompile with GCC, you must add external dependencies either with the ar tools to create an all-inclusive library, or add all dependencies (freetype, sndfiles, openal, + system lib) when you compile your final project.

The GCC tutorial explains this :

Compiling SFML static libraries with MinGW requires an extra-step if you want to include the external libraries as well, Code::Blocks can't do it automatically. If you don't do it, you will have to explicitly link with the external libraries used by SFML in each of your programs.

General / Crashes when exiting?
« on: October 01, 2008, 11:27:10 pm »

the tricky thing is the default font. If this font is instanciated, you cannot delete it (static variable in font class) and your app will crash on exit. =p

C / [Solved] SVN: CSFML\VC2008 corrently not compiling
« on: September 18, 2008, 05:00:03 pm »

VCXX.CRT stuffs are the C[++] runtime lib of visual studio. It seems that the PB linker doesn't recognize them in the manifest.

Is your linker compatible with VS 2008 ?

Feature requests / C++ (And others too) aliases for functions
« on: August 26, 2008, 01:39:52 am »
No, they don't.

The only thing which can't be used is __xxx and _(UpperCase)xxx because this is reserved for implementation ( iso C++).

DotNet / Does a .NET binding exist?
« on: August 24, 2008, 03:34:25 pm »
Larent has made some code for .Net binding, but not yet present on the svn.

D / getting started DSFML?
« on: August 24, 2008, 12:19:55 am »
Ok, so obviously, you have a problem with your window configuration. My advice with windows : "Why discuss when you can simply format ?" =D

You can also try what we said earlier (window system file reparation here).

D / getting started DSFML?
« on: August 23, 2008, 08:02:25 pm »
Could you confirm that on your other computer (the one on which the D sample works) this C++ sample works ?

If yes, the problem come from your configuration (where ... ? that's the question =p).

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