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General / Contributions
« on: April 24, 2008, 12:32:41 am »

I've noticed several times that help is not needed on the core features of SFML, but I was wondering if you have a place or accept community contributions in the form of add ons etc.,

I've ditched SDL in favour of SFML as SFML is easier, in C++ instead of C and runs fast.  One small feature I used in SDL was SDL_Config a library compatible with SDL that reads and writes .ini style files in a cross platform manner.  This is not something that I've seen for SFML and something that's really useful for storing and retrieving user preferences.

I'm going to make the module for my own (closed source) project but I'd be happy to contribute this to the community under an open source license if there is any interest.

Is there a contributions section that I've missed?  While I'm not going to release my full project as open source I'm happy to release useful thing like this as and when I get them completed.


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