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SFML projects / Pacaman [Demo]
« on: September 04, 2011, 11:05:47 pm »
Hello fellas!

Here's what I'm working on since I've joined the SFML community (copied from readme.txt):

Pacaman is a free, open source Pac-Man like game-and-tutorial project in one that uses SFML (Simple and Fast Media Library). "Paca" means splotch in Hungarian.

Project goal:

The goal is to make a proof-of-concept game with educational purposes, that has a more complex source code than the standard pong example that comes with the SFML libraries. The source code was created in a (relatively) nice coding style with a lot of comments to ease understanding.


Single player mode:

Cooperative mode:

More info & downloads:

Download the game from Pacaman website and leave a comment! Thanks! :)


SFML projects / [RELEASED] SFMLUploads.Org
« on: September 02, 2011, 10:13:44 pm »
Testing... cool, it work! :D

SFML projects / [RELEASED] SFMLUploads.Org
« on: September 02, 2011, 10:11:03 pm »
Debian unstable as in 7 or unstable as in pre-stable 6 ? I have a virtual box running stable 6.0, will start it up and start checking.

EDIT; Downloaded repo-release of chromium on debian 6 stable, no error here :S Also, the border + shadow is a bgimage, but this shouldnt happen, this there is some position/size-offset somewhere.
I tweaked the CSS a little to let it be more strict, does it work now?
Cant seem to reproduce the problem in any of;
Windows-> Firefox 6, Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome
Debian-> Iceweasel, Chromium

It's Debian Wheezy/Sid. I've just copy-pasted what I've seen in the About section of Chromium. I'm on Debian Testing though. Anyway! The problem is gone, my friend! I've added and deleted an image, and the borders are shown all right! It was a sooo minor bug anyway! But now, it's perfect in all the browsers. Thank you! :)

Oh yes ... and keep the cool features coming! :P

I was thinking, how to advertise it in the SFML circles... I'll certainly add it to my signature. But I think the official SFML site should have a post about this site, or at least offer a link to SFMLUploads!

SFML projects / [RELEASED] SFMLUploads.Org
« on: September 01, 2011, 05:07:51 pm »
A-ha! You're cheating! :D I've just deleted this picture and reuploaded here, and the first one is still available! So actually deleting is giving up on ownership on your site! :)

Hm thats weird, what browser are you using? Any other relevant information? Like, is it just like that if there is a certain ammount of images?

It's Chromium 13.0.782.107 (Developer version 94237 Linux) Built on Debian unstable, running on Linux Mint Debian Edition. The borders in Firefox are all right though. And yes it already happened before. I think it's just a simple CSS problem, supposing the border+shadow is an image, use "no-repeat" at the background-repeat property.

EDIT; Btw, thanks alot for telling me these things! It's really your feedback that makes this site great!

Wow. :shock: Bug reports must be very rare on these forums, Kalith was also really happy to get a bug report!

General discussions / Who Are You? (the obligatory interview thread)
« on: September 01, 2011, 04:11:13 pm »
Quote from: "Laurent"
... I own a ferret, ...

Hmmm a ferret! I'm planning on buying one too... Comes handy in the rush hours! 8)

SFML projects / [RELEASED] SFMLUploads.Org
« on: September 01, 2011, 11:19:10 am »
Nice! Thanks Haikarainen! I'm gonna try this out now.

Edit: Deleting works all right! Nice work! :D

I've found a minor CSS bug:

The borders of the thumbnails are misplaced.
I just wanted to let you know.

SFML projects / [RELEASED] SFMLUploads.Org
« on: August 28, 2011, 10:11:45 pm »
Quote from: "Haikarainen"
As long as people dont abuse the service i see no reason to limit it  etc.

How about: limited disc space? :lol:

If everybody can upload, and the files stay where they are for good, then once you'll be out of free space.

SFML projects / [RELEASED] SFMLUploads.Org
« on: August 28, 2011, 11:47:05 am »
It just came to my mind: is there a limit now about how much data (code + screenshots + files) can be uploaded overall per person? Because if there will be a "Delete" button, there should be a limit, too. This way, one should clean up his directory from time to time. Or hey, here goes the buisness, one could increase the storage room with X megs if he pays X dollars on paypal.

SFML projects / [RELEASED] SFMLUploads.Org
« on: August 28, 2011, 11:41:44 am »
Quote from: "Haikarainen"
+1 - Will be implemented

Cool! Thanks!

Quote from: "Haikarainen"
Kinda like how it is when browsing your own images? Except you post a thumbnail wich links to the bigger thumbnail and description, wich then links to the full image? Sounds really good actually. Will look that up.

Absolutely. I've seen this solution on other file sharing sites. The aim would be to reduce the image size on forums: if someone is interested, he clicks on the thumbnail, and gets redirected to SFMLUploads, where he can see the big picture.

Quote from: "Haikarainen"
If you donate

My partner and I have started a company, and when everything goes all right, I'll certainly be able to donate. I guess you need it to move SFMLUploads to a paid host service. I've got plans with SFML anyway.

Quote from: "Haikarainen"
Current stats:

It looks all right! I wonder how long this home-server solution will be enough, though.

Quote from: "Alejandro"
1. Delete button for uploads

+1 for this!

SFML projects / [RELEASED] SFMLUploads.Org
« on: August 26, 2011, 12:36:43 pm »
Dont hesitate if you have any ideas you'd like me to implement

I've got some ideas:
- It'd be nice to select all the contents of an URL-box when clicking into it, or to have a button nearby "Copy to clipboard".
- Standard-sized thumbnails of the uploaded images, and links to these thumbnails. When clicking on such a link in a forum, it would load up SFMLUploads and show the thumbnail first, and clicking on the thumbnail would show the larger image. The URL could be ".../user/thumb_test.jpg" and the picture URL: ".../user/test.jpg".
- When you share some code, there's a text like "Copy code here..." which should be cleared when I click into the editbox.
- Mulitiple uploads of images and files! That would be great!
- And as I've stated before, it was strange for me to see no button on the right side to upload screenshots. Since they're treated differently anyway, I think it'd be nice to have such a button. What do others think?

I'm curious that what are the statistics so far? Are people actually using this site? Because I really like both the idea, and the site itself! Good job :D

SFML projects / iCEĀ³ - clone of Minecraft
« on: August 25, 2011, 08:09:46 pm »
I've tried the new SVN version you've provided, and it started even worse: I could not move my character 1 step further than the start position, because the game just crashed and the window has disappeared!

A couple of tried to disable VBOs, as you've suggested, but before I've deleted the previous saved world. This time it has started, but there were missing chunks:

Then I've made a tunnel through the mountain, looked back, and found a visibility bug:

On the other side of the mountain:

CPU usage:

Freeze on exit, log goes here:

The mountains and the water also looks great! Congrats! :P

I'm using SFML Uploads this time. Really nice! :)

General / How to code nicely with SFML?
« on: August 25, 2011, 05:37:22 pm »
True, thanks for the addition.

SFML projects / [RELEASED] SFMLUploads.Org
« on: August 25, 2011, 04:56:18 pm »
Hi Haikarainen!

Thank you for this site, very nice work!
I've just registered.

I was looking for an option for uploading pictures, and it was a bit strange -though understandable - to find it at file uploads. :)


General / How to code nicely with SFML?
« on: August 25, 2011, 03:58:32 pm »
Okay, everything is fine! Peace :D

General / How to code nicely with SFML?
« on: August 25, 2011, 12:38:14 pm »
Again, I thank you for your suggestions, I really appreciate them.

What bothers me is the tone you're using sometimes, even if the intenion was good:

Generally, you will always be confronted with different code styles when using different libraries, you should get used to it.

No problem, if you understand your code better with prefixes.

I've been programming for a long time now (either in a good or bad way), this is not my first attempt, I'm not a n00b (but to SFML), and I often ask for for learning purposes, and I don't feel ashamed about it.

SFML (which I consider one of the most properly designed C++ libraries).

C++ is nice (apart from many other good selling points) because it does not limit your programming style.

My original question was to get ideas about coding in a style that fits SFML. You've answered not only this, but gave other me practices to follow. I also think SFML is structured nicely (without having a peek into its sources). About my practices, they have been influenced lately by the Irrlicht Engine, which I recommend you to study as for its design.


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