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Java / Re: JOGL and JSFML
« on: July 25, 2014, 02:30:53 pm »
DarrenKelly, choose your profile carefully, the default one isn't always the best suited.


Rather contact us on our official forum next time, this is the best place to get some help about JogAmp APIs including JOGL.

Java / Re: Incorporating OpenGL with JSFML
« on: July 25, 2014, 02:23:06 pm »

JOGL seems to be for scientific purposes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen JOGL being used for games so far.
You're wrong as I already said here. JogAmp (JOGL, JOAL, JOCL) is used for games too, for example Salem, Poxnora, Cold Contract, ...

There is an example of Minecraft-like game using a subset of Ardor3D with JogAmp here.


Megacorps Online (discontinued)

Jake 2

Cold Contract

JogAmp and LWJGL aren't Java engines but rather sets of low level bindings with some utilities and helper classes. LibGDX is a middle level API for 2D and 3D. Ardor3D, JMonkeyEngine, Java3D, 3DzzD, Xith3D, Aviatrix3D, ... are 3D engines written in Java.

Good luck.

Java / Re: JOGL and JSFML
« on: February 05, 2014, 01:24:51 pm »

I did experiment with LWJGL a little in the past. LWJGL is much better known than JOGL in the independent scene. It was clearly made with game development in mind, but it's a fully functional OpenGL, OpenAL and OpenCL binding for Java. JOGL is rather used in professional applications, I believe.
In any event, I'd like both LWJGL and JOGL to work with JSFML so you can do custom rendering.
I'd be extremely happy if JOGL and LWJGL were supported. :)
The best way of getting some help from JogAmp maintainers doesn't consist in disparaging any JogAmp API. JogAmp contains fully functional Java bindings for OpenGL, OpenGL-ES, OpenAL (it supports OpenAL-Soft too), OpenCL (both in desktop and mobile environments, under Android too). JogAmp is used both in games (the MMORPG Salem, Poxnora, ...) and in other kinds of applications. Most major middle and high level APIs for 2D & 3D rendering support JogAmp. In my humble opinion, promoting our main competitor when someone simply asks for help isn't very professional and ethically incorrect.

At first, JOGL allows you to create a GLContext representing the OpenGL context created by a third party library:
This is what Groogy did  :)
However, unlike what he said, there are tons of tutorials and documentations in our wiki, especially concerning how to build our APIs:

Secondly, I'm not sure JOGL can check whether AWT is already loaded into another classloader and AWT isn't mandatory anyway. You can create a NEWT window if you don't really need to use AWT.

We cannot keep an eye on all forums. Don't hesitate to contact us on our official forum if you still need some help (instead of complaining about our "bad" documentation and giving us no chance to know what is "wrong"):

Good luck with JogAmp.

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