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Window / Re: clear/draw/display pattern and some others stuff
« on: August 12, 2012, 09:33:32 pm »
Thanks for the quick response guys - that's a good sign :)

Thanks for the info on double-buffering, makes sense.

On the linker error, I can give some background if that helps (for a living I design/provide APIs for cross platform purposes). In essence MS add some data to each object file you compile, called directives, and these contains things like /DEFAULTLIB:LIBCMT which are then passed to the linker when it's all pulled together. These days on windows there are four choices: LIBCMT, LIBCMTD, MSVCRT, MSVCRTD for each of the release/debug static/dynamic linking choices (dumpbin /all shows you the details).

Ultimately when you get a complaint you're seeing that two modules were compiled differently (/MT, /MTd, /MD, /MDd and so have different defaultlib's specified.

In your case all your libraries contain object files which are specifically specifying either MSVCRT or MSVRTD except for those few modules I mentioned which contains references to LIBCMT - so at least for the libraries I downloaded yesterday there is a mismatch there.

Sometimes it doesn't matter, but sometimes it does if the layout of objects/etc differs when compiling in different modes you can get nasty problems like crashes and whatnot. If you're largely calling C functions, then odds are it won't matter as much.

In any case, that "/Zl" switch I mentioned turns this capability off so that the MS runtime no longer implies a default library and the use can just link regardless of their settings. From memory, you do typically also specify "/MT" just to keep everything sweet, but you won't have any sections containing those DEFAULTLIB statements.

If you're interested, I could take a look at your build files if I get the chance this week?

Thanks for a speedy response!

Edit: I had a quick look and it appears the third party dependancy freetype.lib is compiled as MT, so that's where it's coming from. i didn't check the other third party bits. Hope that helps!

Window / clear/draw/display pattern and some others stuff
« on: August 12, 2012, 08:37:16 pm »
A night of insomnia caused me to dig out an old C++ game engine research project I'd written years ago to see if I could change the view (as in view/model arch) to something more respectable (it was using the MS-DOS console :D). I've kept an eye on SFML for a couple of years when I last had the urge but never got beyond reading about features. Well, last night I did and successfully wrote a muckabout app followed by porting my old "snake" game to SFML 2.0RC  :)

Firstly I'd like to congratulate you on an excellent intuitive library. It was very easy to get started and the concepts were clear and tutorials helpful, hopefully I find the time to experiment further and try out some more things.

Anyway, enough praise already - time for a couple of questions/suggestions:

I've done enough Windows GUI programming (and FYI I normally dislike it given how particular and unnatural many are) to know some of the patterns, but one I wanted to validate here is the clear/draw/display pattern. My old MS-DOS console view optimized the output as it's so slow so that only changed areas were rewritten. In my first attempt to port the view I copied this approach too but it led to some peculiar outcomes. Following a similar pattern I did not call "clear" each time before drawing a few moving shapes (rather I would overwrite the old position in black and then write the new one in color). This led to a peculiar flashing window almost as if there were two alternating buffers in play (well - that's what I'm guessing you're going to tell me). So my question is really, and I apologize I just couldn't seem to find any relevant docs on this, does one always need to consider the window as needing to be redrawn when changes are made? I know the common windows pattern is to have some kind of separate working image and then keep blitting it over the display when asked, but I wasn't sure if the same deal was true here. FWIW I wasn't actually intending to stick with this approach in the long run, but I was simply curious as to what was going on.

The second thing is really more of a suggestion to consider compiling with the Windows libs with the "/Zl" switch to make them MS runtime agnostic. I very much appreciated the option you provide to link SFML itself statically, but I often also prefer to link with the MS runtime statically to avoid the redist issues. If you're interested in using that switch let me know and I'll dig up a define which it's also wise to set to be completely clean. Oh and on a related topic I was getting a warning when I linked that leads to me to think that one of your libs is mixed up there:
1>LINK : warning LNK4098: defaultlib 'LIBCMT' conflicts with use of other libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:library

I had a look at it seems that the graphics libraries both have references to both LIBCMT and MSVCRT, so that would seem to be the culprit:

Anyway, kudos again on some nice work - I hope I get some more time to play and upgrade my "view" from drawing shapes to drawing something more exciting :)


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