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Window / Problem with compiling code that uses Window-Package
« on: January 31, 2009, 06:50:51 pm »
Hey everyone,

At first a warning: I´m a newbie ;-)

...and i got a problem: I am trying to compile the example code from the Tutorial, in detail the "Opening a window" part.
Im running Debian Linux with GCC v. 4.1.2, and i`m using Code::Blocks as IDE. Everything seems to be fine concerning the Setup of the Paths and so on, because i get only one error when i try to compile:

../libsfml-window.so     undefined reference to '__stack_chk_fail@GLIB_2.4'

As far as i found out, this (might) has something to do with the Buffer-Overflow Protection of GCC...

What can i do to fix this problem? Or is ist something else i've done wrong?

Thanks in advance for bothering with my problems and sorry for my bad english...


P.S.: Great Work, SFML made it really easy to get in Contact with graphical Programming (I tried it some time ago on Windows...)

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