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Author Topic: SFML 2.0: Textures stopped loading and input stopped working.  (Read 586 times)

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SFML 2.0: Textures stopped loading and input stopped working.
« on: January 05, 2013, 07:49:56 am »
Hey guys

I had decided to learn to program with opengl and discovered sfml. After doing a few tutorials I started my own project. It was going great, I had dynamically loaded worlds, objects and textures, a first person camera. And everything was a beautiful OOP system with extended classes and sleek code (in my noobish opinion).

Anyway, I had been using SFML 2.0 because that was what the first tutorial (making a window or something) was using. Today I saw that there was a RC and grabbed it. I edited my program (changing all of the sfml function names to the new ones e.g EnableVerticalSync was now setVerticalSyncEnabled) and found that no textures were loading, my scene wouldn't update (only an overlaid sfml text object) and my input didn't do anything.

What changed that broke everything? Because I didn't change my actual program, just updated the function names. There are no errors, no warnings, it just stopped working, is there a new main sfml feature that has broken my program?


Got textures working again. Input doesn't work unless I get rid of the sfml drawing (Window::Draw). My window.pushGLStates and popGLStates are in the same position as when it worked before the update. Is there an actual change to the function of push and pop gl states since they were save and restore gl states before?
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