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Author Topic: Minesweeper  (Read 5344 times)

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« on: February 21, 2013, 03:37:26 am »
Hi there!

Been a pretty long time (~4 months) since I've been here. Stopped programming for a while, but I picked it up again a week or 2 ago or so and I decided to make a minesweeper to get familiar with working with tiles since I had an idea of a turn/tile-based game.

Mind that this is my first program in SFML apart from Pong :D
It's still pretty basic and I'm planning to add extra stuff such as rectangular tiles, and various other modes. But first of I'd like to improve the menu and the look of the game (adding borders and such).

If you want to play the game here is some useful info:
In the main menu:
... read the instructions shown on screen.
... you can also start the game using 'F8'. This will start the game in a debug mode instead of the normal mode. This will give some useful info on the output prompt and is recommended if you want to have an insight on how I implemented it before looking at my poorly commented code ::)
While playing:
... pressing 'h' will show a hint. It will highlight random tile that is not a bomb and prioritizes empty tiles. Use this only when you have to guess. I implemented this because I hate guessing in minesweeper 8)
... do not minimize the prompt. It will tell you how many bombs are left and will wish you good luck ;)
... pressing 'Escape' immediately takes you back to the main menu.

Here is my github. The executable is packed in Release.zip. Just press 'View Raw' to download. If you want to have a look at the code please do and write all your findings here ;)