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Author Topic: Another tile map editor  (Read 2003 times)

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Another tile map editor
« on: April 08, 2014, 09:52:19 pm »

I introduce you my own tile map editor, made with pySFML and gobject-introspection (gtk3 on python). Actually, it doesn't work on Window, because Gtk's Dlls are "broken" (I have some problems with texts.....)

The format of the map is a XML format. I think it is easier to use this format for its implementation.

Actually the main part of the program works : I can save and open my format file, use dynamic and static tiles on layers, set tile properties (name, type) and soon others properties made by you ! You can also make objects, etc.

You can find the code here : https://github.com/Gaulois94/TiledMapEditor

The pysfml version you have to use is on my repository : https://github.com/Gaulois94/python-sfml because I add on it some function for the implementation with Gtk.

The maximum of the map is around "45x45" (because the Minimap crash after that, I'm looking why).

Else, the program is slow after.... 50x50 on my computer.

Thank you for your reading, and sorry for my english :) .