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Author Topic: Motion [C++] / MotionNET [C#] - Complete SFML Video and Audio player  (Read 22904 times)

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Re: Motion [C++] / MotionNET [C#] - Complete SFML Video and Audio player
« Reply #15 on: June 30, 2015, 11:56:19 pm »
The file is right next to the exe that gets compiled... There should be no reason why it can't find the dll.

Make sure you also have all the extlibs next to the executable.
Motion / MotionNET - Complete video / audio playback for SFML / SFML.NET

NetEXT - An SFML.NET Extension Library based on Thor


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Re: Motion [C++] / MotionNET [C#] - Complete SFML Video and Audio player
« Reply #16 on: March 09, 2017, 09:57:32 pm »
If all the ext libs are copied, motion and motionnet dll's are next to the executable, what then?


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Re: Motion [C++] / MotionNET [C#] - Complete SFML Video and Audio player
« Reply #17 on: April 23, 2017, 10:04:33 pm »
Late to the game on this...

My problem: Trying to create a quick video player prototype on Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit in using C# in Monodevelop. By trial, error, searching and guesswork, I'm at a point where I'm getting an error "System.DllNotFoundException Motion". Any ideas? Do I need a "Linuxified" version of Motion.dll? If so, how do I get that?


Looking for a cross-platform video playback solution and ran across Motion.NET via Google searching. Much Google searching with different keywords.

I'm a Windows programmer (mostly C# .NET for the last few years, including some old Windows CE 6.0 work) with little Linux development experience. I grabbed Motion.NET and got that working on my Windows box in an amazingly short time.

I've got Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit installed. with MonoDevelop and various packages via Synaptic Package Manager.

I've got DllMaps set up that seem to have gotten me past the issues with finding the csfml* equivalents in libsfml* (thanks to various posts in these forums).

I have the Motion.dll from the \lib folder copied to my output directory.

I grabbed the Motion source from the github location and tried running "cmake ." in the folder where I extracted the code. It reports errors about being unable to find SFML, with some suggestions that probably make sense to someone who has banged their head on Linux dev with cmake for a while. That's not me.

So I get the feeling that I'm perilously close to a breakthrought, but I've run into something that I can't figure out. And "Motion.Net" is a lousy search term in Google ... I'm matching all sorts of bizarre things.