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Author Topic: Faux Car  (Read 17318 times)

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Re: Faux Car
« Reply #45 on: February 06, 2018, 02:43:58 am »
I wanted to show the most recent state of this project as it isn't completely discarded. It has been a few months since I've done anything to it but its latest version has a number of things that wasn't in the other versions so I decided this thread needed an update!

Version 0.4.0

Another overhaul of the engine, separating out the sprite and track definitions and sprites from the engine and linking them in later. The engine now dynamically updates from the current state of definitions. Track definitions are now 'building blocks' of pieces and patterns and the engine builds the scene from those.

Added new scene features.
The scene can now be viewed forwards or backwards. That is, the 'camera' can be faced forwards or backwards. 'Sprites' can have separate front and back faces which are shown dependant on which view direction is used (and which way the sprite is faced).
The background scenery at the horizon can be looped and different for front and back views; it can also have scenery below the horizon.
The background sky can show special sprites that match the background scenery but can be moved and animated.

Added A.I. opposition.
The A.I. is admittedly rather simple but it's better than 'trees that have position based on time'. Currently, they stick to their lane and change their speed based on the curvature of the track. Each opponent has differing speeds for both straight track and curved track (some opponents are better on bends and some are better on straights).

Added collision.
The player now collides with the opponents. The opponent is not affected so the player is forced to be affected severely - slowed heavily and turned away from the opponent.
The player also collides with other sprites or 'billboards'. They also have individual settings as to how they affect the player: no collision, 'no-pass' which stops the player dead, and jump. Jump causes the car to jump upwards into the air and the height is dependant on the player's speed.

Added speed boost.
The player can now boost their speed for a short time, similarly to "nitro boosts" in some other games. This boost causes the perspective depth to change and it 'feels' even faster! It's difficult to get a chance to see this in action with the current track however but it is visible in the example video.

Added menus.
A state system was added to the game so this allowed menus to be implemented. Some game settings can now be set via these menus. This includes preference of KPH or MPH, global audio volume, video settings and a few 'dev' flags (a couple are shown in the example video).

Here's an example video (1920x1080 60FPS):

Here's the download (Windows only, sorry) (zip file: <3MB):

If you're missing the Visual Studio libraries, you will need to install the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable from Microsoft. I believe the one required is this one:
Selba Ward - SFML drawables
Kairos - Timing Library
Rectangular Boundary Collision - Rectangular SAT Collision

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