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Author Topic: DSFML testing branch at 2.3.2, now with less allocations!  (Read 7434 times)

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DSFML testing branch at 2.3.2, now with less allocations!
« on: May 07, 2016, 06:12:05 pm »
For the last couple weeks, I've been working on updates and fixes for DSFML, and if anyone's interested, I'd really appreciate some help stress testing it.

Hilights of the testing branch include everything that comes with SFML 2.3.x:

-Joystick Identification
-Audio recording device selection
-Touch and Sensor inputs, high-precision scroll events
-Custom BlendModes
-(Completely untested in the D wrapping) android support

And we also touch the GC a fair bit less; using Shaders and Networking should be a bit better in that respect.

Unfortunately, it hasn't made it to the main repository yet, so you'll need to pull the code from git and use dub add-path <DSFML parent folder>

The code is available in the following git repositories:

Note the 2.3-stringpassthrough branch identifier! the master branch is still at 2.1.

And to make life on windows a bit less painful I've precompiled some win32 binaries for DSFMLC, available at