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Author Topic: Building SFML Project with CSFML Binding in Rad Studio 10.0 Seattle  (Read 5050 times)

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Well.... i try compile CSFML in Rad Studio 10.0 Seattle and this is what you need to have it running


1) download CSFML Bindings from SFML Downloads Page and copy to your folder in C:\CSFML (for example).

2) prepare the libraries..... for Rad Studio you'll need this libraries converted to LIB objects

for your convenience, i make this step-work for you and you have here the all the files related corresponding to CSFML Bindings with C++ Builder Libraries added in lib\c++builder directory

3) For integration with C++ Builder 6 or Rad Studio in all it's flavours, the first step is create a File->New->Other Project and choose CONSOLE APPLICATION

4) ADD the related lib files to Project with Project->Add to Project option (related = lib files for builder i mentioned in step 2) .... in the download below, i include the Example Project with all the files and exe for view the output....it's all included in Example_ProjectRadStudio10Seattle folder

5) begin to code SFML programming in C but don't forget include the DLL files located in Bin directory with your deployment

Enjoy, and be the force with you

Related Files: http://www.qualinost.tk/descargas/CSFML.rar
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