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Author Topic: HeedJet  (Read 2056 times)

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« on: March 18, 2017, 12:32:34 pm »
Hello everybody!


The main idea of the project it was a make multiplayer(client-server) 2d shooter game and put emphasis on the main core of engine. It must operate but the graphics is on the middle distance. It took me about 6 months. I’ve been working on the game after hours. With this project i introduce the multiplayer section.

In game we can create account and login, next we connect to the server and we can gain points killing the enemy. We have to make kills as many as possible. The one part of game is 15 minutes next client shows results for 15 seconds and next server respawn all players and we can play again 15 minutes. Relevant things that is we don't can jump only we have jetpack. If i decide to push the game forward i can add a lot of diversifying.
For example:
- spells,
- more weapon,
- changing weather,
- after kill, small point will be flying to player who killed somebody,
- obviously better graphics,
- protection anti-hacking system,
- grenade which will be use physics(bouncing off the wall and players),
- Now the main server have only 1 server which supports players, but i can try make server which will be make new „small server” when the first server will be full. For example: 60 people want to play, one „small server” can support 16 players.  So server distribute 4 „small servers” which will be operated by one big server.

But i really dont know if i want devote more time for this project. Time alone will tell.
One thing i know that is the project really educate me in multiplayer thing, generally in programming and in very small question also in hardware things.

General Implemented Functions

- During the create account client check if email have sign „@” otherwise get error. Similarly with password.
- I added loading bar to game using the thread.
- Server receive the information from client, for example: if password is incorrect, server send information to client and the user get error.
- Bullets are checked by server which simulated flight of bullet and if detect collision with enemy, then supply information in server and send information for all players for decline health.
- We also can write to each other in the chat.

I think that the more nice swell things you will see in video which i will do soon. Now i will show you the


Let me know what you think!
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« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2017, 12:34:46 am »
Looks quite interesting. Hope you get that video out soon, might look a lot more impressive when it's more than a still shot. :)
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Re: HeedJet
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2017, 03:35:12 pm »
Very nice!  Waiting for download link!
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