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Author Topic: Audio Spatialization in 3d context like Ogre  (Read 586 times)

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Audio Spatialization in 3d context like Ogre
« on: May 18, 2017, 12:06:56 am »

I'm currently doing a project for my school with Ogre3D, i use sfml audio for the sound.

I would like to play a 3D sound appropriately, based on my position on the map and the sound source's

position at the start of the game :

there is the place where the sound is played :

the skeleton play the sound when he is hitting the torso

there is the snippet of my code,

position of the skeleton in the 3d scene:
_cesar->setPosition(710.6, 30, 557.64);

set the listener, the listener is my camera.
_cameraMan->getCamera()->getPosition().y, _cameraMan->getCamera()->getPosition().z);
evt::EventManager::getSingletonPtr()->emit<evt::SoundEffectSpatialization>(effect::ImpactBoom, _cesar->getPosition(), true);

the _cameraman is my actual position in the map, the listener has his position.

Update of the listener at each frame:
void SoundEffectsManager::update(float timeSinceLastFrame, const Ogre::Vector3& position,
const Ogre::Vector3& direction)
            sf::Listener::setPosition(static_cast<float> (position.x),
                static_cast<float> (position.y),
                static_cast<float> (position.z));
            //sf::Listener::setDirection(direction.x, direction.y, direction.z);
sound play:
  void SoundEffectsManager::playSound(const effect& effectId, const Ogre::Vector3& position, bool loop)
            if (!_effects.isLoaded(effectId))
                _effects.loadResource(effectId, _effectsPath[effectId]);
            _sndBuffer = _effects.getResource(effectId);
            _snd.setPosition(position.x, position.y, position.z);

            //Volume factor = MinDistance / (MinDistance + Attenuation * (max(Distance, MinDistance) - MinDistance))



I hear the sound the same way, whatever my position in the scene.
May be i do something wrong, let me know with some examples, sorry for my english!

Thanks you very much!
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