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Author Topic: [OSX 10.4|Xcode 2.5] Problems linking audio stuffs  (Read 2876 times)

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[OSX 10.4|Xcode 2.5] Problems linking audio stuffs
« on: April 10, 2010, 09:53:21 am »
Just a while ago i stumbled across sfml, which seems a mighty fine alternative to SDL. However, im having some troubles building a test application on my mac. (I have a intel core2duo mac, Osx 10.4 tiger, Xcode 2.5)

I followed the tutorial and copied the sfml frameworks, and the additional frameworks (OpenAL and sndfile)  to my Library/frameworks directory.

I created a test application using the 'Graphic Window Application' template for Xcode, and put some sample code in it from here

However, i get some linking errors from XCode (which in my opinion are always too cryptic to be of any use...)
Code: [Select]


According to these linking errors, i'd say, the compiler cant find the sndfile library... I did copy it to my frameworks folder tho... And  also added it to my project.

Currently i have the following frameworks added in my project:
OpenGL.framework (i dont know if this one is necessary)
Cocoa.framework (prolly not necessary?)

Currently i dont copy the frameworks to my target. And i assume my app is using the frameworks from my library/frameworks dir

So, does anyone have a clue what i might have done wrong/not done causing the linking errors?

Thanks a bunch!