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Author Topic: Program crashes upon exiting int main(); [sfml 2]  (Read 1650 times)

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Program crashes upon exiting int main(); [sfml 2]
« on: November 25, 2010, 03:27:27 pm »
When I try to debug it, Visual Studio shows "no source", but says the call stack location is  "atioglxx.dll" so I'm assuming it has something to do with graphics.

What could this be? I've checked the code again and again. I'm deleting all pointers probably, I'm closing all streams and windows probably.  

I have two configurations for both debug and release, both with the respective sfml2 libraries.

I remember that this problem randomly occured for me with sfml 1.x too, but here it just happens every time.

Could this be an ATI-driver related issue? I've updated it just a few weeks ago when I installed fallout new vegas.

edit: oh and I should probably say: This happens exactly when I'm exiting int main();

before the return 0; I can set a breakpoint just fine and it doesn't crash before that. the window also closes etc.


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Program crashes upon exiting int main(); [sfml 2]
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2010, 03:42:54 pm »
What could this be?

The very well known bug that is described in a million topics on this forum ;)
Laurent Gomila - SFML developer