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Author Topic: Is this related to the ATI Bug? Crash on exit for Intel  (Read 2731 times)

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Is this related to the ATI Bug? Crash on exit for Intel
« on: February 22, 2011, 06:22:36 pm »
I have a tester that has an odd problem that sounds quite reminiscent of the ATI bug. None of these bugs will happen to literally anyone else. This is on SFML 2.0. It is statically linked, and the problems do not show up on ATI cards, but it still sounds like the same thing.

This tester is using an Intel 4-series integrated GPU.
- Upon leaving the main, the program will crash. Same error as the ATI bug's.
- Going into fullscreen will also crash.

- The problem might be compounded by the fact that he's using a dual monitor setup on an old GPU/driver
- There are misc rendering issues on one of his screens, (I have a certain sf::Text object that will be rendered only on every other frame for example. This bug does not exist for anyone else)
- If he has the game on the other screen, it will render properly, but display at half the FPS. Turning off VSync will not fix this, either.
- The above 3 might be unavoidable, since I know that SFML does not support multiple screens.

These types of problems seem difficult to work with since it's only one person with a very specific setup that's getting them. I thought I might as well ask anyways.