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Author Topic: RenderWindow problems  (Read 4177 times)

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RenderWindow problems
« on: March 13, 2011, 08:36:40 pm »

I have just downloaded the D binding for SFML and got it working. The version i have downloaded is the version that can be accuired from the download page of sfml-dev.org.
I am following the tutorial on sfml-dev.org to learn the basics, and creating a normal window and catching events works fine. The problem occurs when i try to instantiate a RenderWindow.

Code: [Select]

module game.game;

import dsfml.window.all;
import dsfml.graphics.all;

import std.stdio;

int main()
RenderWindow app = new RenderWindow(VideoMode(800, 600, 32), "Hello, Wordl!");
writefln("hello, world!");

return 0;

This is the only code i have, since i have commented the main loop out, but when i try to compile with "dsss build" i get the following message:

Code: [Select]

Default prefix /usr/local is unwritable, using /home/andreas/d instead.
game.d => game
dsss_objs/G/dsfml.graphics.image.o: In function `_D5dsfml8graphics5image5Image6resizeMFkkS5dsfml8graphics5color5ColorZb':
image.d:(.text+0x22f): undefined reference to `sfImage_Resize'
dsss_objs/G/dsfml.graphics.renderwindow.o: In function `_D5dsfml8graphics12renderwindow12RenderWindow18setBackgroundColorMFS5dsfml8graphics5color5ColorZv':
renderwindow.d:(.text+0x42a): undefined reference to `sfRenderWindow_SetBackgroundColor'
dsss_objs/G/dsfml.graphics.shape.o: In function `_D5dsfml8graphics5shape5Shape8getPointMFkZS5dsfml6system7vector214__T7Vector2TfZ7Vector2':
shape.d:(.text+0x193): undefined reference to `sfShape_GetPoint'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Command /usr/local/bin/rebuild returned with code 65280, aborting.
Error: Command failed, aborting.

I get a simmilar error message when i try to run dsss build on the samples that ship with DSFML.
I hope somebody out there can help :)