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Author Topic: "Draw Sprites into a single Image" or "Stress  (Read 3481 times)

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"Draw Sprites into a single Image" or "Stress
« on: July 17, 2008, 07:24:15 pm »
Hi there,

just another question:
Is there a way to draw sprites to maybe an Image? Following situation:
My GUI is constructed of many parts. The process of construction (filling in the right numbers for sprite's positions) is only done at startup and window resize. The Sprites of the GUI are then rendered one by one. I'd like to know if it would make sense to render it en bloc (if the requirement of drawing to an Image would be fulfilled) or to render Sprite by Sprite?

I didn't make a stress test yet, thus I'm not sure what number of Sprites is regarded as "normal" or suitable. I know it'd be depending on the used system, just take a normal, 2-3 years old single core with medium 3d capabilities. At which amount of Sprites would the FPS go down under 30fps? Resolution about 1024x768, 32bpp. I know, it is a rather imprecise question depending on multiple values, but I'm just interested in your experiences.



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"Draw Sprites into a single Image" or "Stress
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2008, 08:23:41 pm »
Hi Martin,

image rendering is planned for the next release (actually, it's already available with the svn, don't know if it's already usable).

For system capabilities, there is a benchmark thread in the french forum. Users have posted some tests maybe this could help. Tests are :


1/ Displaying 2000 static sprites.
2/ Displaying 2000 transparent static sprites.
3/ Displaying 2000 rotating sprites.
4/ Displaying 20 static text.
5/ Displaying 20 dynamic text.

PS : SFML version is 1.1 I think, so maybe results will be different now.