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Author Topic: BGB: Bull's Game Builder  (Read 7537 times)

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BGB: Bull's Game Builder
« on: October 13, 2008, 04:23:18 am »
Link: BGB.zip - 0.90MB
Windows executable
Requires vc2005 redist package.

What it is:

-A game authoring/prototyping tool, similar to GameMaker or Torque Game Builder
-Based on SFML for everything from rendering to audio

What it is not:
-A full featured one bcoz I just started it
-Another SFML Binding

The basic idea is that the engine provided you with basic base classes: Text, StaticSprite, AnimatedSprite. You will write your own classes in Squirrel script which inherit from those base classes.

-In-game WYSIWYG editing *
-Virtual file system*
-Squirrel scripting, squirrel classes can inherit from C++ classes and override virtual method
-Serialization and Deserialization of a game level(state) to/from file
-Text rendering with unicode support
-Tile rendering
-Static sprite
-Animated sprite *
-Particle system *
-Physic/Collision detection *
-Audio*(can be done anytime, just a direct bind to Squirrel)
-Layer-based, depth-based, coordinate-based sorting for rendering
-Player profile*(something like a save file, a concept borrowed from Novashell)
-Compiles on other platform*

*=planned  :roll: (Too many *, may be I'll mark finished feature with * instead)

What to do in the demo:
Err, watch it, move your mouse around a bit, click left mouse for fun, watch the console window.
Press A to save the current state to file (testMap.map) , press B to load the state.

If you know Squirrel, you can:
-Read main.nut to see how this demo works
-Write a simple game like pingpong with it. Such game is possible at this stage of the engine. You have to iterate the root table to find out the engine's exported functions though.

For those "no screenshot=no download" guys:

Yes, that's all you get for now. As for the FPS, I limited it with SetDesiredFrameRate.

Source code will be uploaded once source forge accept my project. Impatient guys can PM me.


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BGB: Bull's Game Builder
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2008, 09:36:48 pm »
ooh squirell :).. i would love to look at your implementation of it :)


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BGB: Bull's Game Builder
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2008, 08:11:18 pm »
You should have named it something like, "panzy" just for the heck of it.