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Author Topic: Dreaming Warrior: RPG  (Read 3976 times)

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Dreaming Warrior: RPG
« on: March 20, 2012, 09:26:22 am »
Hi guys. I present you my first game: Dreaming Warrior. Its 2D single player tile based role playing game with command driven turn based combat.

You can get the sources @ https://github.com/krofna/Dreaming-Warrior
Or, the compiled binary for Windows @ https://github.com/krofna/Dreaming-Warrior/downloads

How does it look like?

Choose 'New Game':

Pick mage for 'Hard' difficulty and warrior for 'Insane': (You'll see what I mean)

Write name for your character:

Navigate your character using arrows and 'collide' with NPCs for interaction:
All humans are friendly; orcs and dragons are unfriendly.
Also be wary of 'random encounters'. You may get attacked from ambush!
Pro tip: Always take quests. If you kill all enemies and quest isnt complete, you're stuck.

Quest Screen:

Vendor Screen:
Here you spend money earned by doing quests/killing orcs.
Food regenerates health when used, water regenerates mana.
Potions cost more, but can be used in combat! Red is health, blue is mana.
Esc returns to 'main menu'.

Character Screen:
By pressing 'C' this pops up:
I think its self explanatory, so I won't write too much about it.
You only need to know that 'esc' button returns to 'main menu' and 'enter' either consumes item or increases selected attribute if you have points left.

Self explanatory... Use arrows and 'enter', esc to return to main menu.

Pro tips:
S button saves the game. As well as exiting it using X button on window and entering new map. If it crashes (crash is usually exit(1) invoked if something weird is going on) or you exit by using X on console it wont save, I didnt set the atexit();

Want to modify/make your own world?
What you want is modify .txt files in World folder, whole thing is loaded from there, nothing is hard-coded.
Check out World Structure folder for instructions and MapEditor.exe to edit terrain and objects!
Use + and - to advance to next/prev map. Click on objects/textures on right and place them at map on left.

This is my first serious program which I started writing after 4 months of learning C++, and it may (or may not be) horribly written. It was written in hurry, for high-school-students-programming-contest, but they disliked it and it failed its purpose, so I post it here seeking your opinion.
If you find any bugs, or suggestions, regarding code or game, feel free to notify me, or even open pull request on github ;)

Also, sorry for bad english, may be found both in game and this post :/

Now I have bunch of code with 2 different naming conventions  :evil: