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Author Topic: New D Binding to SFML2  (Read 5282 times)

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New D Binding to SFML2
« on: June 29, 2012, 11:01:41 am »
I've recently completed a binding to SFML2 as part of the Derelict 3 project. To use it, just checkout the Derelict 3 source from git and follow the instructions in the readme to build Derelict. You'll need to link with DerelictUtil and DerelictSFML2. You don't need to link any SFML libraries as Derelict loads the shared libs when you tell it to. For example, DerelictSFML2System.load(), DerelictSFML2Window.load() and so on. Make sure you have the CSFML2 shared libraries you want to use somewhere on your system lib path (in the app directory on Windows, for example). Derelict will automatically unload the libraries on shutdown.

Please be aware that this is untested at the moment. Also, Derelict 3 currently lacks documentation. If you're new to Derelict, the core of the documentation for Derelict 2 still mostly applies (FYI, there's a similar binding for SFML 1.6 in Derelict 2 if you prefer). Also, you can ask for help in the Derelict forums or in #D on freenode.