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Author Topic: Issue with movement  (Read 2562 times)

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Issue with movement
« on: July 08, 2012, 05:51:20 pm »
Hey, a week ago, I reinstalled Ubuntu alongside windows in order to see how it'd run a few games, in the end decided to switch back, as a 256mb gfx card isn't going to run games that smoothly under wine. In the end I went back to Windows 7, and decided to work a little on my game. After compiling the exact same file that had been working before I installed linux, it built fine and started up, but when going into the game, the movement doesn't work, nor does Inventory or party display :/

I've tried loads of things, as I really wanna get this working and even after reinstalling Windows 7 this morning, it hasn't solved anything.

I was wondering if anyone on the forums could look at the code and help me with this, otherwise I'm most likely to either scrap it & make a different type of game, or I might even try and recode it to SFML2 if I feel like doing that.


Anyone that can contribute to helping, I thank you dearly!

EDIT: My best idea is that something is running over the maingame function, as I've put some couts around and they don't call when pressing a button. Plus, clicking a few times on the screen will make it not respond.
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Re: Issue with movement
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2012, 01:44:23 am »
Seriously one file with 2688 lines of code? :o

I don't think I'm gonna try to figure out what's going on in there...
Also I can't test if the application runs, because you're using SFML 1.6 and I'm using an ATI graphics card, thus the window never gets opened... ::)

Have you ever heared of header and source files (like .hpp and .cpp)?
Or something in the direction of OOP?
Do you know that one can convert int to string and thus something like case 1: text.SetText("1"); break; is the best wasted space and time?

I mean you're game seemed quite good, but such a codebase can't be read and understood by anyone else than you.

When reinstalling stuff did you make sure to use the latest drivers on all hardware?

I suggested to clean up your codebase, by splitting your things into diffrent objects that make sense (code design, OOP) and in the proccess of doing so convert everything to use SFML 2. ;)
Don't just jump to the next thing and instead finish your game even more and refactor it.
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Re: Issue with movement
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2012, 03:12:25 am »
I have an ATI card too :O

Yeah, I've heard of headers and sources, but after a little attempt of implementing them failed, because of the amount of global variables and that :/ I kept it all together as that was the way it worked.

Yeah in the battle system, I hadn't implemented my function for int to string conversion as that was put in from the old game.

Reinstalled all drivers from driver pack solution like I normally do.

I think I might go with converting it to SFML, look more into classes and OOP and split stuff up. Will also give me a break from making the resources because that was super boring hahaha