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Author Topic: Betatesting  (Read 19894 times)

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« on: January 20, 2009, 03:13:09 am »
So I am almost ready to release RSMFL version 1.4 (RSFML since the name RubySFML is already taken by the previous author)

I have > 90% of SFML wrapped except the following classes: Drawable, PostFX, and the SoundBufferRecorder classes. Everything else is done (I am not doing the networking classes since Ruby already provides those).

The syntax is similar to that of SFML except with a ruby twist (ex. GetWidth() is just width). There are also a few minor changes to some of the classes Listener is now just Audio, etc.

I have the documentation up on here - http://www.wg2140.com/users/trickster/doc/index.html . At this time if there is something you don't like with something  tell me and we will work something out. I want the API to not be "annoying" because I've dealt with some that were I'm going for predictable and simple here.

If you want the source code to compile yourself get it here - http://www.wg2140.com/users/trickster/Temp/RSFML%20-%20src.zip It also includes the include files from CSFML. but you will need the dlls from CSFML to link with them csfml-blah.dll

If you want the precompiled source (only for Windows sorry) you can get that here - http://www.wg2140.com/users/trickster/Temp/RSFML.zip The source also includes two examples but they are nothing fancy.

This was only tested on ruby >= 1.8.6 I don't know if it will work on versions below this.
This was also only tested on Windows. I am working on testing this under linux.

If you want just the documentation you can get that here - http://www.wg2140.com/users/trickster/Temp/doc.zip