You have no idea what causes your issue

  1. Create a minimal and complete code example which reproduces the issue.
  2. If while reducing your codebase the issue hasn't revealed itself to you:

You think you found a bug in SFML

  1. Make sure it is really a bug and not a misunderstanding of what SFML is supposed to do. Check the documentation again to be sure.
  2. Make sure the bug has not already been reported. Check the GitHub issues and the forum.
  3. Use the latest revision from GitHub and check if the bug has not already been fixed. Refer to the official tutorial for information on how to build SFML yourself.
  4. Open a new thread on the forum in the appropriate help board and give the following information:
    • A minimal and complete code example that reproduces the bug as you are experiencing it.
    • Instructions for reproducing the bug if it isn't obvious when running the example.
    • Environment information (operating system, SFML version, compiler, etc.).
    • Screenshots and/or videos, if necessary, to demonstrate certain behavior.
    • Anything else that helps identify the problem.
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