Documentation of SFML 2.2

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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBlendModeBlending modes for drawing
 CCircleShapeSpecialized shape representing a circle
 CClockUtility class that measures the elapsed time
 CColorUtility class for manipulating RGBA colors
 CContextClass holding a valid drawing context
 CContextSettingsStructure defining the settings of the OpenGL context attached to a window
 CConvexShapeSpecialized shape representing a convex polygon
 CDrawableAbstract base class for objects that can be drawn to a render target
 CEventDefines a system event and its parameters
 CJoystickButtonEventJoystick buttons events parameters (JoystickButtonPressed, JoystickButtonReleased)
 CJoystickConnectEventJoystick connection events parameters (JoystickConnected, JoystickDisconnected)
 CJoystickMoveEventJoystick axis move event parameters (JoystickMoved)
 CKeyEventKeyboard event parameters (KeyPressed, KeyReleased)
 CMouseButtonEventMouse buttons events parameters (MouseButtonPressed, MouseButtonReleased)
 CMouseMoveEventMouse move event parameters (MouseMoved)
 CMouseWheelEventMouse wheel events parameters (MouseWheelMoved)
 CSensorEventSensor event parameters (SensorChanged)
 CSizeEventSize events parameters (Resized)
 CTextEventText event parameters (TextEntered)
 CTouchEventTouch events parameters (TouchBegan, TouchMoved, TouchEnded)
 CFontClass for loading and manipulating character fonts
 CInfoHolds various information about a font
 CFtpA FTP client
 CDirectoryResponseSpecialization of FTP response returning a directory
 CListingResponseSpecialization of FTP response returning a filename listing
 CResponseDefine a FTP response
 CGlResourceBase class for classes that require an OpenGL context
 CGlyphStructure describing a glyph
 CHttpA HTTP client
 CRequestDefine a HTTP request
 CResponseDefine a HTTP response
 CImageClass for loading, manipulating and saving images
 CInputStreamAbstract class for custom file input streams
 CIpAddressEncapsulate an IPv4 network address
 CJoystickGive access to the real-time state of the joysticks
 CIdentificationStructure holding a joystick's identification
 CKeyboardGive access to the real-time state of the keyboard
 CListenerThe audio listener is the point in the scene from where all the sounds are heard
 CLockAutomatic wrapper for locking and unlocking mutexes
 CMouseGive access to the real-time state of the mouse
 CMusicStreamed music played from an audio file
 CMutexBlocks concurrent access to shared resources from multiple threads
 CNonCopyableUtility class that makes any derived class non-copyable
 CPacketUtility class to build blocks of data to transfer over the network
 CRectUtility class for manipulating 2D axis aligned rectangles
 CRectangleShapeSpecialized shape representing a rectangle
 CRenderStatesDefine the states used for drawing to a RenderTarget
 CRenderTargetBase class for all render targets (window, texture, ...)
 CRenderTextureTarget for off-screen 2D rendering into a texture
 CRenderWindowWindow that can serve as a target for 2D drawing
 CSensorGive access to the real-time state of the sensors
 CShaderShader class (vertex and fragment)
 CCurrentTextureTypeSpecial type that can be passed to setParameter, and that represents the texture of the object being drawn
 CShapeBase class for textured shapes with outline
 CSocketBase class for all the socket types
 CSocketSelectorMultiplexer that allows to read from multiple sockets
 CSoundRegular sound that can be played in the audio environment
 CSoundBufferStorage for audio samples defining a sound
 CSoundBufferRecorderSpecialized SoundRecorder which stores the captured audio data into a sound buffer
 CSoundRecorderAbstract base class for capturing sound data
 CSoundSourceBase class defining a sound's properties
 CSoundStreamAbstract base class for streamed audio sources
 CChunkStructure defining a chunk of audio data to stream
 CSpriteDrawable representation of a texture, with its own transformations, color, etc
 CStringUtility string class that automatically handles conversions between types and encodings
 CTcpListenerSocket that listens to new TCP connections
 CTcpSocketSpecialized socket using the TCP protocol
 CTextGraphical text that can be drawn to a render target
 CTextureImage living on the graphics card that can be used for drawing
 CThreadUtility class to manipulate threads
 CThreadLocalDefines variables with thread-local storage
 CThreadLocalPtrPointer to a thread-local variable
 CTimeRepresents a time value
 CTouchGive access to the real-time state of the touches
 CTransformDefine a 3x3 transform matrix
 CTransformableDecomposed transform defined by a position, a rotation and a scale
 CUdpSocketSpecialized socket using the UDP protocol
 CUtfUtility class providing generic functions for UTF conversions
 CUtf< 16 >Specialization of the Utf template for UTF-16
 CUtf< 32 >Specialization of the Utf template for UTF-32
 CUtf< 8 >Specialization of the Utf template for UTF-8
 CVector2Utility template class for manipulating 2-dimensional vectors
 CVector3Utility template class for manipulating 3-dimensional vectors
 CVertexDefine a point with color and texture coordinates
 CVertexArrayDefine a set of one or more 2D primitives
 CVideoModeVideoMode defines a video mode (width, height, bpp)
 CView2D camera that defines what region is shown on screen
 CWindowWindow that serves as a target for OpenGL rendering