Documentation of SFML 2.5.1

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sf::View Member List

This is the complete list of members for sf::View, including all inherited members.

getCenter() constsf::View
getInverseTransform() constsf::View
getRotation() constsf::View
getSize() constsf::View
getTransform() constsf::View
getViewport() constsf::View
move(float offsetX, float offsetY)sf::View
move(const Vector2f &offset)sf::View
reset(const FloatRect &rectangle)sf::View
rotate(float angle)sf::View
setCenter(float x, float y)sf::View
setCenter(const Vector2f &center)sf::View
setRotation(float angle)sf::View
setSize(float width, float height)sf::View
setSize(const Vector2f &size)sf::View
setViewport(const FloatRect &viewport)sf::View
View(const FloatRect &rectangle)sf::Viewexplicit
View(const Vector2f &center, const Vector2f &size)sf::View
zoom(float factor)sf::View