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Hey! No, it's not a splitscreen, it's how the level is split up. Each character just "lives" within one of those rectangles, until they can destroy those walls and also enter enemy territory :P

Hey everyone!

It's me, Mykon, developer of Cuit!
Now that Cuit is finished, and I only need to port it to Linux and Android, I am now looking for a team for my next project. Working alone on a project has it's advantages but also it's disadvantages as the amount of work you have to accomplish is equal to the net amount of work existing.. :D

Also, the idea in my head for the next project is a bit more complex, as it is a multiplayer game.
The idea of the game is still rough, in fact I only just started designing the internal frameworks and hierarchy, so you would still be a big influence in shaping the game itself.

About the idea:
My main idea was to create a fun arcade multiplayer with 4 players, in a 2D environment. The screen is splittet into 4 equal areas, like when you split it once horizontally and vertically in the middle. In each square is one of the players who navigates a 2D character, who can move like a sidescroller - right and left. But: He is not the only one to move his character. The character also will listen to the inputs of certain other players, in some conditions a friend (in a 2vs2 mode), in other conditions an enemy. For example, when the other player who possesses you presses the button to move to the right, your character will also move to the right. If you press that button too, you move right at twice the speed. If you press the button to the left, you won't move at all - And vice versa. The same applies to the player controlling you.

You can see, it can now be pretty difficult actually moving where you want to - If paired up with a friend, it becomes a teamwork test. When paired up with an enemy, it becomes a battle. Because the main goal of the game is - of course - to kill the enemy team. To do so, you can build your own environment inside your square. Farm blocks and replace them, place mines or chainsaws, spawn evil chickens who want to eat you on contact and more. It really aims to be an arcade experience. In the mid-stage of the game, players now will be able to destroy the barriers between their areas to move around the whole level, so that others actually can fall into your traps. To make the whole game a bit more balanced and tactical, Powerups are planed to be a thing: Immunity, double movement power, choosing who you possess, inverting controls and more.

That's about the idea. As I said, it's still a pretty early idea, but if you are interested, feel free to join the team! :) As mentioned, I already released one game with SFML, so I kinda know what I am doing :P

Looking for:

  • 2D Artist
  • Gameplay Programmer
  • Network Programmer

All the best,

SFML projects / CUIT is now on Steam!
« on: May 01, 2017, 12:54:27 am »
Hey folks,

Finally! Cuit is now on Steam.

If you haven't heard of Cuit yet: It's a puzzle game and a challenging one. You are given a circuit - interact with it and navigate a current to a special destination. Just make sure to not trigger any of the explosives on your way there, or you'll have to start all over again.

My goal with Cuit always was to create a challenge, but a relaxing one. A game to test your mind but in a relaxed and chilled atmosphere, for when you just want to calm down and maybe don't need any boom boom action right now. Cuit also features an integrated level builder and Steam Workshop support.

If you want, you can check out Cuit here:

Community Videos


Steam Page

Only until today: Cuit with 34% discount (1.97$ instead of 2.99$)


Feel free to ask my any questions, I am happy to start a conversation!

All the best,

Hey guys! Release of CUIT is in 5 days and I totally forgott that I have to check if the game runs properly on other resolutions beside 1080p. If you have a monitor with a different resolution, like 4k or maybe anything "weird" in between, I would provide you a free copy of the game in form of a Steam Key, if you would provide me with some Screenshots of the game of certain parts, so that I can verify that everything looks as it is intended to.

Here is the game I am talking about, in case that helps your decision making!

All the best,

General / Re: How do I pause an sf::Clock? (SFML 2.0)
« on: February 25, 2017, 09:59:49 pm »
Yeah no clue why I put it in sf namespace. But you can just remove the namespace.

General / Re: How do I pause an sf::Clock? (SFML 2.0)
« on: February 25, 2017, 09:07:30 pm »
If someone is interested in a pretty lightweight solution:
namespace sf {
        struct Timer {
                sf::Clock mC;
                float runTime;
                bool bPaused;

                Timer() {
                        bPaused = false;
                        runTime = 0;

                void Reset() {
                        runTime = 0;
                        bPaused = false;

                void Start() {
                        if (bPaused) {
                        bPaused = false;

                void Pause() {
                        if (!bPaused) {
                                runTime += mC.getElapsedTime().asSeconds();
                        bPaused = true;

                float GetElapsedSeconds() {
                        if (!bPaused) {
                                return runTime + mC.getElapsedTime().asSeconds();
                        return runTime;

SFML projects / Re: CUIT is now on Steam Greenlight!
« on: February 19, 2017, 06:58:44 pm »
Thanks a ton :)

SFML projects / CUIT is now on Steam Greenlight!
« on: February 19, 2017, 05:20:38 pm »
Hello everyone, big news:
Cuit is now finally on Steam Greenlight!

*click on the image*

I would really appreciate if you would take a few minutes and visit us there, watch the trailer and decide if you want to give us your vote :)

Details about the game, images and all other links can be found there!


Much love, and all the best,

SFML projects / Re: CUIT | A challenging, minimalistic logic puzzle
« on: January 31, 2017, 02:19:49 pm »
Thanks :)

Yes, the kickstarter link was removed again by me, because the page still needs some work done.

SFML projects / Re: CUIT | A challenging, minimalistic logic puzzle
« on: January 30, 2017, 12:22:30 am »
Updated with a small first teaser-trailer :)

SFML projects / Re: CUIT | A challenging, minimalistic logic puzzle
« on: January 29, 2017, 01:04:41 am »
Hey Mario,
thanks for your feedback.
Yes, the kickstarter page is a totall mess, atm, was a mistake to link it already. All those texts were not meant to be final, just a quick brainstorm I had three days ago or so. I will rework it, and put it back online.

And thanks for the tip with the logo. I just saw all those thumbnails of the other projects on kickstarter which are filled with action and detail, so I thought I need to put some "clickbait" in form of a circuit and the "Hard!" corner on it. I'll reevaluate this decision :p

Edit: And conerning the 2x stuff, thats natively done by kickstarter, when you enter a number higher than 1. Do you think some users could have troubles with it?

SFML projects / Re: CUIT | A challenging, minimalistic logic puzzle
« on: January 28, 2017, 04:55:32 pm »
Hey eXpl0it3r,

thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I agree with all / most of what you said, I will explain the game in better detail, but I thought I should do that when I have a finished the work on the trailer, so people can understand it better. This thread merely was just so people already might have heared of it. And I also agree with you on the Kickstarter topic. It is rather unlikely that we will hit the goal. A game like Cuit would need either some good connections, a budget for advertisement or a good portion of luck. However, I thought, why not just try it.

However, I am a bit sad to read that you think I am lying about my financial situation. I do not take it as an offense or an insult, though I have to say you don't know my life. And yes, some things did not went the way they should have been, however presuming that I am lying is a bit rude, in my opinion. Again, I am sure you didn't mean it as an offense. Maybe it was poorly worded, it might sounded like I would need 3000 bucks for Steam Greenlight and the servers - which of course is not true. The 3000 bucks would be 1/3 for the composer, Taylor, then the Steam Greenlight fees of around 100$ / 80€, and the rest would be for me developing android and iOS ports of the game - which I will be working on either way, but those 1500-1700€ left (substracting Kickstarter fees), would make me able to work on them fulltime until their release.

So I hope to have cleared that up, I will edit my post laster today.
Thanks again for your feedback :)

Have a nice day!

SFML projects / Re: CUIT | A challenging, minimalistic logic puzzle
« on: January 27, 2017, 11:02:33 pm »
SCREENSHOTS: (Large Images, http://imgur.com/a/EfIsp to see them better)

(click to show/hide)

SFML projects / CUIT | A challenging, minimalistic logic puzzle
« on: January 27, 2017, 10:46:31 pm »
Hello everyone!

Today I would like to give you a first insight into Cuit - My almost fulltime project since October 2016.
The key mechanics are explained rather quickly: You are given a circuit. Navigate the currents through various logical gates, avoid the explosives and power the targets. Sounds easy? Try it and guess again.

Cuit is designed to be relaxing and challenging at the same time. If you like mental challenges, this is the right game for you.

Even though Cuit is based upon circuits, it is not only a game for people familiar with those. It was important to me to extrude all the gameplay-unneccesary aspects of circuits to focus to 100% on the binary logic, giving you, the players the best experience possible.



Sebastian Schon - Lead Programer / Designer

Yep. One man project :)

Project details:

  • Release Data: approx. April 2017
  • Platforms: PC (Steam), Android, iOS, Linux (later)
  • Costs: 1.49$ to 2$


Cuit is very minimalistic - it is about the pure challenge. Cuit will ship with at least 70 hand-crafted (non-random generated), individual and diverse levels, increasing in difficulity and will get FREE level-updates after the release, to keep you, the players busy.

Level Builder
Solving puzzles is fun, yes. But what is solving them compared to creating your own? Build them, play them, share them! Cuit will come with an inbuild and intuitive level-builder, which let's you up-and download, rate and comment user-created maps. CUIT can be way more than just a puzzle -  In fact,  you could even programm Cuit - inside cuit. With a special performance-friendly render-mode, you can create gigantic levels, with sub-level support, that lets you encapsulate logical structures into a "package" to reuse them everywhere you want with global and local modifications - Just for you :) This feature is not used in the game itself.

It was really important to me, to not just programm the core of the game and publish it as fast as I could. I wanted to make Cuit the best Cuit it could have been. And I really hope to see some of you guys maps, to be able to try them out :)

Cuit is live on Steam Greenlight! I would very much appreciate if you would check it out and cosider giving your vote there.


WebPage & Newsletter:


Follow us on twitter, to see all new images and trailers first. There are a couple of .gif's already waiting for you there :)

Thanks so much for reading this! I am very open for any feedback you want to give me.
Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them, I will make sure to answer all of them :)

Best wishes,


Hey, just wanted to give you a possible "bug fix", because I saw some other people having the same issue in the past. If "make"ing your android makefiles returns an error "#include <ostream> No such file or directory", try switiching your NDK to version 12b. With that one it worked fine (not with 13b though, the currently newest one)

Best wishes,

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