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SFML projects / SFML with JavaScript, Box2D...
« on: November 04, 2015, 01:40:32 pm »
I've been poking around GameMaker Studio, Construct 2 and Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and started wondering how hard it would be to make a 2d game engine.

My reason for doing this was all of the above engines are fine, but they get in the way a bit, as I'd rather write code than visually program. GameMaker is unique in that it has a script language. Fusion has JavaScript for plugins.

I looked briefly at SDL but chose to use SFML instead (classes not C functions). I bolted a Lua interpreter on at first, but after reading "why everyone should learn javascript" (http://blog.monitor.us/2014/08/why-everyone-should-learn-javascript/), I thought, why not?

I got hold of duktape, a JavaScript engine and swapped out Lua. Now Lua is fine, but JavaScript is better (IMHO) as it's more C/C++ like.

I added Box2d physics and created my first couple of demos: a simple block game (http://imgur.com/a/z7IrB) and a physics demo.

So where am I going with this? Am I trying to make a game? I'm interested in Match3 type games and procedural generation... so that's why I'm doing this.

Oh yeah, and writing code like this is fun.

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