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Presenting Music Manager for you and your SFML projects! Its easy to use and sets up in minutes! :D
It works just like the one we see in racing games like Need for Speed!

                                                                    ...::The Music Manager::...

Here I'm using it in a Snake game i made :)
It loads all the tracks automatically,changes track automatically and end button changes current track.
The Music player searches and loads tracks in the "Music" folder by default. However, that can be changed using the constructor(see readme).

Github link:

important:read file rules in readme.txt

How to import:
1.Place all the files in your Project folder.
2.Import the MusicManager.cpp and MusicManager.h in your Project.
3.Create an object of the claas MusicManager and pass your renderwindow as an argument to the constructor.
MusicManager,by default will look for music files in Music/ folder of your project. However, you can change this by passing a second argument
to the constructor, a string with the location of music files.
4.use the function obj.Handler() in your main game loop and obj.DisplayPlayer() to draw the player.
5. You are done!!

Any suggestions and improvements will be cherished!

SFML projects / 2d Top Down Tank Game-Operation Special Delivery
« on: December 20, 2015, 12:45:54 am »
Okay guys I've been working on a top down game featuring Tanks, Helicopters and Cars!!

The game has 2 modes-Campaign and survival(endless waves of enemies).
The Player can dynamically switch between tank, heli and car during gameplay using scroll bar.

Okay so i'm not using any animations or spritesheets or any other library, its pure c++ and SFML.

If anyone wants implementations of any of my classes to use in their projects,ping me and i'l provide you the generic methods(after modifying for your needs) OR you can View the SOURCE CODE on Github


#3 Tier Class inheritance for Vehicles
#AI Manager class that dynamically creates enemies to deal with during gameplay.
# Dynamic switching ability between Truck,Tank and Helicopter.
#custom handler functions to handle background image, collisions, Views etc.
# HUDclass for displating and handling HUD(Health,Speedometer and boost)
# A powerup class that handles powerups like health,giant,speed,BulletDamage
#Ally class to call Tank,heli's and Airstrikes for help in exchange for score.
#The Health and Boost for player are regenerative
#ProjectileClass for Bullets,missiles and machineguns
#Music System that automatically loads background music randomly when current track finishes.
#A self implemented Menu system(MainMenuClass) and pause screen.
#A class for handling splashscreen and fade animations.

Source Code and the entire project( Needs visual studio 2013):

Game Setup(Alpha build):

GamePlay Youtube link:

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