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Window / It is Difficult to make collision with char and terrain
« on: February 27, 2012, 10:55:35 pm »

I wanna makes or I have already simple terrain like this one
(its from google)

Do you know how a collision would be possible with this??

Window / if Windows isActive
« on: February 27, 2012, 10:52:40 pm »
hi, is there any bool function like windowIsActive?
I needn't to move when I am not in window like when I go to browser or chat a while.

Or do you u have any other Idea?

edit: sfml 2

Graphics / can't get it work SubRect
« on: January 30, 2010, 06:41:55 pm »
Hi, guys.
I want a mouseover + click script. I did and its working well. But if my sprites moves like 5 float right then subrect has same value. So i have read here i have to calculate it new.

I did that like:
Code: [Select]

if (RightKeyDown)
Player1.SetSubRect( sf::IntRect(Player1.GetPosition().x, Player1.GetPosition().y, Player1.GetPosition().x+50, Player1.GetPosition().y+50));

Are there wrongs?
Because click is working perfectly, but it lost their white color texture.

Screenshots to know what i mean:

When i have clicked

After moving 5 floats right. You see red what i did. There should be white. And in the area of red (between white and red) my click and mouseover works.

EDIT: Btw no rlly white i know. Its more grey :D

General / Any Key and Settext
« on: December 16, 2009, 07:32:01 pm »
Hi, I am new on sfml and ever in programming(game, just small things).
I have tested small things like play music and load images. I've tested now to press "a" it shows then "A: 1" (like its true) and if I don't press a then "A: 0".

Code: [Select]

if ((Event.Type == sf::Event::KeyPressed) && (Event.Key.Code == sf::Key::A))
Text.SetText("A: 1");
else if ((Event.Type == sf::Event::KeyReleased) && (Event.Key.Code == sf::Key::A))
Text.SetText("A: 0");

No i got the idea to make for all Keys from A to Z.
I know i need for() for this one, but i don't really know how.

I know it should be then
sf::Key::i and Text.SetText(i + ": 0");
But my problem is I don't know how to count keys of sfml from event. If i put my mouse on A it shows me =97 and Z = 122.
so was my idea to make
Code: [Select]

for(int i=sf::Key::A; i <= sf::Key::B; i++)
char Buffer[5];
//sprintf(Buffer,"%d\n", i);

if ((Event.Type == sf::Event::KeyPressed) && (Event.Key.Code == i))
Text.SetText(i+": 1");
else if ((Event.Type == sf::Event::KeyReleased) && (Event.Key.Code == i))
Text.SetText(i+": 0");

Its working but my problem is now in SetText. I don't know how to show A or B.[/code]

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