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I have been working on a game for the last 3 years, on and off.

I’m aiming towards a city-based game, where players can wander around a procedurally generated city. The concept is you'll run a community of rebels in a dystopian future, so there will be mechanics such as stealth and avoiding standing out.

I haven't got much actual game play, but I have a partially functional networked world with multiple z-layers. RVWP originally standed for Ruben's Virtual World Prototype, but now stands for Ruben's Virtual World Project.

The map is made up of 3 layers - terrain, flooring, and objects. Each of these is registered using Lua scripts and stored in using the Type Object pattern. I choose this instead of ECS as it's easier to serialise and send across the network. Moving things on the map - including players - are Entities. Entities use an ECS with components mostly implemented in Lua.

The client is structured using a MVC pattern. There's controllers and views for each window, the HUD, and the scene. There are also multiple controllers for the player input, which allows the type of input (keyboard/mouse/etc) to be abstracted away from the actual movement code.

More information: https://rubenwardy.com/rvwp/

Blog post detailing history: https://blog.rubenwardy.com/2017/08/13/multiplayer-topdown-sandbox-game/

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