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General / VS Code cannot open .hpp files even with correct include Path
« on: December 11, 2022, 07:49:39 pm »
I have recently switched from using Visual Studio Community (The purple one everyone uses) to Visual Studio Code (the blue one). Problem is that in the "c_cpp_properties.json" file i have to specify some additional include directories. I did but intelliSense is still telling me that the .hpp files in the include/SFML directory cannot be opened.

So I tried something. Just created another .hpp file and put it in the directory of basicly every other .hpp file. For some reason it works.

So VS Code doesnt like the SFML exclusive header files or something?
Or do I have forgotten some Setting?


I've just recently tried to check for specific keypress on my keyboard.

Problem is that the statement returns true even if the key, the method supposed to check is not pressed.

In the code bellow you can see I've tried different methods (wich I have commented out) and I have always gotten the same result.

And just for context, I have tried moving a rectangle here.

This is the entire Code.

(click to show/hide)

Code was Edited 1 time

The Result: The rectangle doesnt move

The output even states that with every event that happenes "accelRight" becomes true, even if the event is not pressing the F key.

Any help is much appreciated,


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