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SFML projects / Unknown Invaders (Simple-Full-Free-Game)
« on: January 18, 2019, 01:50:39 am »
Hello all

Last week... I was going for SFML library (first try for me), and...
The learning experience was so fast and so great, that I had the idea to make a full game.
Simple and basic... but its a game! :p

Unknown Invaders - DOWNLOAD: https://sourceforge.net/projects/unknown-invaders-game

HAVE FUN !!!...

Thankyou for all SFML developers, for your hard work!
This library is really fantastic, I think that I will not change for any other one, any time soon...
I´m really still  impressed!

Audio / Click in a button, then (re)loads a music
« on: March 26, 2011, 11:45:43 pm »
Code: [Select]


   // Global vars:
   sf::SoundBuffer buffer;
   sf::Sound sound;
   float sduration = 0.0;
   float sposition = 0.0;

   // Function that loads (and reloads) and play music:
   int playThisMusic(std::string musicPath)
   sound = sf::Sound();

   // Main loop:
   int main()
   // MY ISSUE ####### 1 #######
   // Retrieve music current time and total length:
   sduration = buffer.GetDuration();
   sposition = sound.GetPlayingOffset();

   float milliseconds  = sduration - (sduration - sposition); // Current music position
   float millisecondss = sduration; // Music length

   // The correct formula, is:
   int hours   = milliseconds/(1000*60*60);
   int minutes = (milliseconds%(1000*60*60))/(1000*60);
   int seconds = ((milliseconds%(1000*60*60))%(1000*60))/1000;  
   // Display current music position here... (in a HH:MM:SS format)

   // The correct formula, is:
   int hourss   = millisecondss/(1000*60*60);
   int minutess = (millisecondss%(1000*60*60))/(1000*60);
   int secondss = ((millisecondss%(1000*60*60))%(1000*60))/1000;  
   // Display current music length here... (in a HH:MM:SS format)

   // MY ISSUE ####### 2 #######
   // Buttons: (Pseudo code)
   // onClick1 --> playThisMusic("musics/firstSong.ogg");
   // onClick2 --> playThisMusic("musics/secondSong.ogg");
   // onClick3 --> playThisMusic("musics/thirdSong.ogg");
   // onClick4 --> playThisMusic("musics/fourthSong.ogg");

I have 2 issues with SFML in my project:

1) The idea is to retrieve music current position and total length (in seconds).
(Im returning only zeros numbers).

2) And how can I click and (re)load a music?
(Allways plays first selected music, so i think im missing something to clear/delete the buffer, then refill it with the new selected music)

Thanks in advance for any solution/suggestion :)

SFML projects / IMP - Irrlicht Media Player [Moving to SFML]
« on: March 26, 2011, 03:11:52 am »
IMP - Irrlicht Media Player [Moving to SFML]
Hello all, i´m working on this project, here:
I´m using Audiere lib on it for the audio. But now ive found SFML...
I´m very impressed with your awesome work and the SFML features. So after digg a little, i resolved that, i´ll replace Audiere with the SFML there. The only issue is that Audiere is VERY easy to install, and SFML seems to be a bit more complicated (has to. Has a lot MORE features!), so a little help would be welcome. Im using Code::Blocks, and i have low c++ skills. Thanks! :)

Just another question... SFML cant handle MP3, right?... or I´m missing something?...

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