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Graphics / Changing opacity of a Pixel using shaders
« on: May 30, 2012, 07:16:37 pm »
Well hello folks!
I'm doing some experience with shaders, and I'm trying to change the opacity of pixels through shaders. But since I don't know much about GLSL, I'm searching on the internet, and I can't seem to find much about changing the opacity. Is it even possible? Not talking about transparency, which would be the Alpha channel, but just make it darker, or lighter.


EDIT: Now I'm just being dumb! After search, and much thought, Alpha is also opacity. Forget this question! NEXT!

SFML projects / The Followers!
« on: May 14, 2012, 06:54:53 am »
Well hello there everyone!
I am pleased to release my game that I called The Followers(see attachment for screenshot).
A "Run from the enemies game". One goal, survive. You run away from the enemies and kill them by making them collide together or with a tombstone. Teleporting yourself randomly and hoping to not teleport yourself on a follower. Using your only weapon, the zapper, to save yourself in extreme case. But be careful, you get only one shot of the zapper per level. They can stack through level though for your help.

On another note:
You can get all source code here: http://www.assembla.com/code/thefollo/git/nodes (distributed under CC BY-NC-SA).
This is my first real game and project. I know my code is pretty ugly in most part. I didn't use any design pattern as I didn't knew really any when I started the project. I discovered some while developping it, but changing the whole structure was too complicated and not time worth(in my opinion), so I decided to continue like this. I made this game to learn the new version of SFML(I had experienced a bit with 1.6, but nothing serious), as well as gaining some game programming experience.

Obviously, all constructive feedback and tips are welcome. I will probably not implement them in this game, but I will keep them written and use them in future project.

I find that programming things we like or doing a challenge we gave ourselves, even if it doesn't end well, or is far from perfect or is badly done can give a certain amount of knowledge. In the latest case, if I know it's badly done and know what to do next time, it is a positive point in my opinion.

So there it is, a direct link to the launcher/updater, and have fun!

Technology used:
  • C++
  • SFML 2.0 RC
  • Pugixml

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