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General / Compiling example with cmake
« on: June 25, 2012, 03:05:15 pm »

I want to start a project with sfml and it should be as cross-plattform as possible, so I want to use git as version control and cmake as my buildsystem. And I want to bundle sfml with my application so I don't have to install it everytime. Right now I'm just trying to compile the window-example. My folder tree looks like this:

   |_ build
   |_ SFML
      |_ SFML-2.0-rc_linux
      |_ SFML-2.0-rc_windows
   |_ CMakeLists.txt
   |_ main.cpp

My CMakeLists.txt looks like this:
cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 2.6)
project (sfml-test)

  include_directories ("${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/SFML/SFML-2.0-rc_linux/include")
  set (EXTRA_LIBS ${EXTRA_LIBS} "${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/SFML/SFML-2.0-rc_linux/lib/libsfml-system.so")
  set (EXTRA_LIBS ${EXTRA_LIBS} "${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/SFML/SFML-2.0-rc_linux/lib/libsfml-window.so")

  include_directories ("${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/SFML/SFML-2.0-rc_windows/include")
  set (EXTRA_LIBS ${EXTRA_LIBS} "${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/SFML/SFML-2.0-rc_windows/lib/sfml-system.lib")
  set (EXTRA_LIBS ${EXTRA_LIBS} "${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/SFML/SFML-2.0-rc_windows/lib/sfml-window.lib")
  set (EXTRA_LIBS ${EXTRA_LIBS} Opengl32 glu32)

add_executable (sfml-test main.cpp)
target_link_libraries (sfml-test  ${EXTRA_LIBS})

On linux I use KDevelop and everything works perfectly. On windows I first generate project files for Visual Studio 2010 and then I can compile it, but before I run it I have to copy sfml-system-2.dll and sfml-window-2.dll into build/Debug or build/Release. What I don't understand is why I only need the .so files on linux, but need both the .lib and the .dll on windows. And does anyone know how I can avoid having to copy the .dlls everytime? I have another problem with codeblocks on windows, but this one is more important right now.

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