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I was trying to get this so I can pass them to openxr which needs to know about these handles.

I saw 2 ways of doing this and expected both ways to give me the same address but they don't so I'm a bit confused by this and I'm not sure what I'm missing here.

1st way is to just use wglGetCurrentDC() and wglGetCurrentContext(). I figured this would be fine since all of this is done on the main thread during initialization anyway but I wanted to be sure that I was grabbing the context of the window generated by SFML.

So I started to see if I could do it this way (2nd way)
sf::RenderWindow window(...);
auto win_handle  = window.getSystemHandle();
auto win_context = GetDC(win_handle ); // the hDC address I get back from doing this does not match the address I get back from wglGetDeviceContext

// Im not really sure how to get to the hGLRC since it is private.


Is there a way to get both the hDC and hGLRC from SFML, even it's like what I'm trying to do in the code part?

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