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Window / Joystick vibration
« on: April 18, 2013, 11:51:30 am »
Hello everyone,

I'm a recent user of SFML (2.0 RC), I started using it mainly for the sound module in order to add some music and sounds in my game (http://castledefenderdevdiary.blogspot.co.uk/). But the rest of sfml seems pretty good too, so I might switch all my code from glfw to SFML.

I'm interested in the sf::Joystick class, it doesn't seem to have any option for joystick vibration right now, but will this feature be one day part of SFML?

If it isn't planned, do you have any advice on how to implement joystick vibration/rumble in C++? I'm using Xbox360  Controllers on Linux.
And if I manage to get it working, then maybe we can talk about adding the functionality to the next version of sfml.


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