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Window / Re: How to keep my mouse in the window?
« on: March 22, 2014, 06:51:28 am »
Thx you so much :D

Window / How to keep my mouse in the window?
« on: March 21, 2014, 10:10:53 pm »
How i can keep mouse in my created window (app) all the time and don't let it go from it?

i used this method but it's working very bad. Have any idea?

if (focus == true && Mouse::getPosition(app).x < 0) Mouse::setPosition(sf::Vector2i(0, Mouse::getPosition(app).y), app);

if (focus == true && Mouse::getPosition(app).x > xResolution) Mouse::setPosition(sf::Vector2i(xResolution - 5, Mouse::getPosition(app).y), app);

if (focus == true && Mouse::getPosition(app).y < 0) Mouse::setPosition(sf::Vector2i(Mouse::getPosition(app).x, 0), app);

if (focus == true && Mouse::getPosition(app).y > yResolution) Mouse::setPosition(sf::Vector2i(Mouse::getPosition(app).x, yResolution - 5), app);

General / Game Resources. How does it work?
« on: March 21, 2014, 04:47:03 pm »
Can you say me, how can I protect data files (music, textures and other) in my game. For example, in good games there are so many files with strange format and i cant open them with my archiver or Notepad++.

Window / Сooldown key presses
« on: March 21, 2014, 12:45:16 pm »
I work on my project and there is one question.
I have action-game where the man shoots at the target. If i use

if((event.type == Event::KeyPressed) && (event.key.code == Keyboard::E)) Shot();

then my man shot a lot of! How can I slow down the process?
Maybe with clock help? Or should be used for the addition of one variable that stores reloading?

Upd. I fix that :)
My method - i have 2 type of coordinates
The fist - x,y in game (same background size)
The second - X,Y when i draw all objects (X = x*K)

I worked with my method and i saw the other problem.
I have 2 image:
Background 1920x1080
Human 118X112

        float xInMap=0.055, yInMap=0.775; //Human's X, Y
   float xResolution = 1200, yResolution = 510; //Selected resolution
   float K = yResolution/1080;

   sprite.setTextureRect(IntRect(0,0,1920,1080)); //My background
   sprite.setPosition(-0.01*xResolution,0); //Background Position

   sKyb.setTextureRect(IntRect(0, 0, 118, 112)); //My human
   sKyb.setPosition(xInMap*xResolution, yInMap*yResolution); //Human position

   sKyb.setScale(K, K);
   sprite.setScale(K, K);

   float xImage = xInMap*xResolution, yImage = yInMap*yResolution; //Position for drawing

   RenderWindow app(VideoMode(xResolution, yResolution), "Test Window");
In one situation human stay at one place(in background). Example: stands at the door, which drawed in background. Then i changed resolution and after that the human didn't stay at the door :(

I know where is the problem but i don't know how to fix it:
The problem in the Scale. When i scaled background, i changed the position of door.
But plz don't advise me that i must work with image where human are with size 1920x1080 (it's load pc a lot) and don't advise me that i must work with door separately coz in future i need to work with background.
Hope that you understand me, coz i lost my brain an hour ago and i sure that i wrote nonsense  ;D
This picture help you to understand me
in this image i used 1280x720

in this image i used 900x800 (it's not the one of resolutions where i saw the problem)

Hm, ok. I will read this.
But what do you think about my method with  the screen resolution. Is it right? I saw a lot of games and I played with their  the screen resolution system after that i wrote my method.

1) Implementation of FPS in games (FPS) How it works? What's the best way? If you use just a cycle and then drawing and calculation of properties of objects then the speed of the game will depend on the performance of your PC. (I use the time between 1 cycle  tact. After that i multiply all the calculations but this method has many disadvantages.)  8)

2) How to draw objects window, if I change the screen resolution?
My method: all graphics has 1920x1080
I divide the selected resolution (K = selected height / 1080), then I use the scale in SFML reduces the width and height of the window after recreates the selected screen resolution. I think - this is not the right solution, because this method at work show lags (probably it connected with a lack of FPS system)  ::)

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