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Window / testing opengl/sfml application
« on: August 30, 2023, 10:26:47 am »
Hi folks,

I created a template project to develop OpenGL applications. I do window management with SFML/Window.

Let's say I created a "Shader" class, and there is function like "loadFromFile" similar to that of SFML and if this function loads shaders correctly it also calls function to compile shaders.

What approach should I take when I want to test the functions of this shader class?

We know that in order for any OpenGL commands to work, a context must be current. SFML's window class does this for us.

Do I need to create context like below for tests with opengl calls? Or how should I set up a structure for more isolated test codes?

    sf::ContextSettings settings;
    settings.depthBits = 24;
    settings.stencilBits = 8;
    settings.majorVersion = 3;
    settings.minorVersion = 3;

    sf::Window window(sf::VideoMode(800, 600), "OpenGL Context", sf::Style::None, settings);

    Shader shader;

    CHECK(shader.loadFromFile("vertex.glsl", "fragment.glsl") == true);

General / problem of tmx loader
« on: October 17, 2016, 01:25:43 am »
hi everybody, firstly, i'm sorry for my english. until the now i've tried this libraries for tmx loader. https://github.com/fallahn/sfml-tmxloader and https://github.com/edoren/STP. i've not built the first-link(sfml-tmxloader and i've tried a lot), then i've tried to build STP, and it's okay, i've compiled but when i try to test code, i get "has stopped working" error.

can someone tell me how to compile the sfml-tmxloader step by step(to compile sfml-tmxloader it's need to zlib and box2d, and there is an error in cmake, zlib not found but i registered ZLIB_ROOT etc.

edit:in stp library if i delete this line map.GetLayer("World").visible = false; program works normal, why?
edit:above problem explained on https://github.com/edoren/STP/issues/11

i use visual studio 2015 and windows 7. thanks

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