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SFML projects / Re: 2D Game Construction Kit - updated to v.
« on: August 17, 2018, 12:09:52 am »
Thank you. Things are moving forward.  I'm please to report that the runtime is using 100% SFML again. :D

SFML projects / Re: 2D Game Construction Kit - updated to v.
« on: August 14, 2018, 12:42:50 am »
What's new in LGCK ?


- EDITOR: added portable option to package bundle (windows)
- EDITOR: added export game UI dialog
- EDITOR: added manifests to satisfy windows app cert kit
- EDITOR: new warnings for no player and no goal
- EDITOR: lgck-builder and obl5edit can now be associated with files
- EDITOR: tigher integration between lgck builder and obl5edit
- EDITOR: overlay options exposed in UI
- ENGINE: SFML runtime completed
- TOOLS: migrated gui to qt 5.10.1
- BUG FIX: ScriptWiz displayed incorrectly in Windows
- BUG FIX: uninitialized font causing game to crash (critical) introduced in
- BUG FIX: export game wasn't including musics
- BUG FIX: testing empty level was causing a crash
- BUG FIX: background color displays incorrectly in editor
- BUG FIX: level shows completed before starting
- BUG FIX: toolbox disappearing on minimized


- EDITOR: builder can export sprites (obl, png)
- EDITOR: runtime integration with the IDE
- EDITOR: improved LGCK builder performance on low-end hardware
- ENGINE: new level event: OnIntroDraw
- ENGINE: snapshot_clear()
- LUA: System Call - ss_notifyAll()
- TOOLS: Updated the gui to run on qt5.7 (replaced qglwidget w/ qopenglwidget)
- TOOLS: easydocs - introducted the concept of alias and improve the ui
- BUG FIX: lua script not always regenerated after an event was modified
- BUG FIX: when a snapshot is taken and restored the next level may be replaced by the snapsnot
- BUG FIX: LGCK builder would crash when no opengl2.0 driver were present
- BUG FIX: lgckdb would become corrupt when core libraries were compiled against GCC 4.x+

This new build addresses issues on VM and low-end hardware that doesn't
have native drivers supporting Opengl 2.0+


- ENGINE: replaced scene list w/ ptr
- ENGINE: new events: Level.onHandler, Level.onGoalKilled
- ENGINE: added borderColor, introBkColor, introTextColor
- ENGINE: added experimental barebone runtimes (opengl, SDL, SFML)
- ENGINE: new game events: onPickup(), onSaveGame(), onLoadGame()
- ENGINE: new game events: onRestartLevel(), onNotifyClosure()
- ENGINE: new sprite event: EO_NOTIFYCLOSURE
- ENGINE: new level event: EL_NOTIFYCLOSURE
- ENGINE: custom scrolling layers (see layer_setOffset)
- ENGINE: tied EL_RESTART event with snapshot_reload
- ENGINE: replaced FTGL w/ lgck's own font rendering code
- ENGINE: added colorMod (primary light source)
- EDITOR: added scriptWizard
- EDITOR: autoupdater to check for new versions
- EDITOR: edit raw path (sprite)
- EDITOR: GUI to resize font size in the editor pane
- EDITOR: SpriteWiz waypoint added
- EDITOR: added Edit Images pop-menu item for sprites
- EDITOR: testLevel nows allows to play a full game
- LUA: updateJoyState()
- LUA: callGameEvent(), sprite_unmarkAsGoal()
- LUA: sprite:get(), sprite_set()
- LUA: sprite:get()/set() can access EXTRA_XXXX values directly
- LUA: sprite:hitTest()
- LUA: display_sizeText(), Display:sizeText()
- LUA: ss_drawText(), ss_paint(), ss_paintImage(), ss_clear()
- LUA: Counters:inc(), Counters:dec(), Counters:add()
- LUA: warpTo(), strv_get(), strv_set(), strv_del()
- LUA: snapshot_take(), snapshot_reload()
- LUA: layer_setOffsetX(), layer_setOffsetY()
- LUA: SHL(), SHR(), ss_notifyClosure()
- BUG FIX: When more than 10 Displays active, only the last one is displayed
- BUG FIX: random crash when sprite is added to main layer


- ENGINE: customs strings for each sprite instance
- EDITOR: migrated to qt5
- EDITOR: GUI to change default frame per sprite
- EDITOR: toolbox playSound() menu item
- EDITOR: customizable shortcuts for the LGCK Builder
- EDITOR: GUI for toolbars (main, level, layer)
- EDITOR: GUI for path creation
- ENGINE: custom paths for each sprite
- ENGINE: up to four fwClass sprites can share the same map location
- ENGINE: hidden inventory item flag
- ENGINE: reimplemented the collision map w/ std::unordered_map
- ENGINE: interfaces w/ implementers: Graphic, Sound and Music
- ENGINE: replaced SFML::Graphics w/ OpenGL
- ENGINE: replaced SFML::Music w/ SDL::Music
- ENGINE: replaced SFML::Sound w/ SDL
- ENGINE: added Counters (that can be accessed via scripting)
- ENGINE: significantly improved level load time
- ENGINE: added events: Game:onGoalKilled and Level:onGoalKilled
- ENGINE: added Level UUID
- ENGINE: improved center on screen during action
- LUA: sprite:frameCount(), frameSet_getSize
- LUA: Sprite:getString(), Sprite:isFrozen(), Sprite:isGoal()
- LUA: Counters:get(), Counters:set()
- BUG FIX: layer element count is wrong for FW/BK layers
- BUG FIX: on wrap arround screens, viewport moves unexpectely
- BUG FIX: clearALL button now behaves as expected
- BUG FIX: keyDown msg continued infitely when focus was lost


- ENGINE: layers can be moved by position
- EDITOR: importImage can now splice images
- EDITOR: importImageWiz added
- EDITOR: added gamewiz first version
- EDITOR: added copy, cut, paste and delete to levelView
- EDITOR: spritewiz added playerbullet template
- LUA: added Sprite:width(), Sprite:height()
- LUA: added Sprite:childCount(), Sprite:setOwner()
- ENGINE: player.onHandler called in managePlayer()
- ENGINE: added sprite activation policy (auto, userdef)
- BUG FIX: spritewiz now properly displays image size (mask: 9999x9999)
- TOOLS: included is the new OBL5EDIT sprite editor to replace OBL4EDIT


- EDITOR: edit pan can be resized
- BUG FIX: animations weren't cleared when sprite was deleted

What's new in

- ENGINE: antigravity flag extends to monsters
- ENGINE: added solidity concept (overide)
- EDITOR: added `sound tab` to SpriteWizard
- ENGINE: added multiselection
- BIG FIX: Spelling error, "Brint to front" (reported by Tim)
- BUG FIX: Menu not updated when sprite dragged (reported by Tim)
- BUG FIX: WINXP crash when sprite was dropped on empty pane (reported by Tim)
- BUG FIX: next button greyed out in SpriteWiz

You can download it here

Multiple selection enabled in the latest build

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Watch a tutorial video:
How to make a game in 5 minutes


Code: [Select]
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/lN3gkZWr-PM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

What's new for LGCK Builder

- ENGINE: fixed CPath array so it can grow
- ENGINE: added seed uid for all sprites
- ENGINE: added Game:OnCompleteLevel
- EDITOR: implemented continuity (test game)
- BUG FIX: fixed a few mapping bugs introduced in
- BUG FIX: icon incorrect modified in SpriteList
- EDITOR: SpriteWizard updated with many new pages
- ENGINE: added antigravity flag for all fwClass objects
- ENGINE: added automatic goal flag
- BUG FIX: misaligned sprites on grid
- ENGINE: nosplat flag extended to objects
- ENGINE: implemented monster/object rebirth
- BUG FIX: deleting the last and only level resulted in a crash (fixed)

What's new for LGCK Builder

- LUA: MIN(), MAX(), testKey(), setKey()
- LUA: getLastKey(), clearKeys()
- ENGINE: new Event: level.onKeyPressed
- ENGINE: new Event: level.onKeyUp
- ENGINE: improved qt keyReflector
- EDITOR: source editor w/ word completion and colored syntax
- EDITOR: sprite event dialog replaced with inline editor
- BUG FIX: fixed an error in obl5t (frameSet.cpp)

You can download it here

Event Editor with full color syntax

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Quote from: "Lee R"
The TIGSource forums are likely your best bet.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have already posted there before to no avail.

Maybe I'm just doing it wrong ! Suggestion, hints and tips most welcome.

Quote from: "Lee R"
Quote from: "DevilWithin"
You really need some beautiful screenshots :)

This. So much this. I was thinking exactly the same thing. With all due respect to the artist, that tileset really does look tacky.

That's kind of a given. Where do I find a wonderful artist?

This is becoming a chicken & egg thing. :(

What's new for LGCK Builder

- GUI: added a new toolbox to drag&drop sprites on the level
- GUI: added popup menu to spriteBox
- GUI: added popup menu to LevelView
- GUI: added checkmarks to sprite event combo
- BUG FIX: png transparency bug in obl5t
- BUG FIX: unMap bug w/ random attacker
- ENGINE: OBL5 format moved to version 0x501
- TOOLS: obl5t merged now uses the shared libraries

You can download it here

Brand-new toolbox to drag & drop sprites directly onto the level

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Here are some new screenshots

General property tab for an object

Animation sequence interface

Editor menu. Showing layer sub-menu

SFML projects / What's new in
« on: April 05, 2011, 04:58:52 pm »

- ENGINE: added CMusic class to handle streaming music (ogg)
- ENGINE: more reorganization of the code
- ENGINE: added closureTime, closureEvent
- ENGINE: added Level property : music
- BUG FIX: windows-setup now uses static build (ati issue on win7)


- ENGINE: Created CActor which replaces CLevelEntry at runtime.
- ENGINE: reorganized the code to be more OO-like
- ENGINE: added NO_SPLAT flag to prevent player from crushing monsters
- ENGINE: added properties `max active bullets`, `fire rate`
- ENGINE: improved the collision detection code
- ENGINE: maxFall property now applies to monster
- ENGINE: bullet to monster attack now do damage
- LUA: added isHidden(), isDead(), land(), triggerHitState()
- LUA: added isMonster(), getPlayerC(), getPlayer()
- LUA: added tryPath(), stopAnimation(), callObjEvent(), killSprite(), spawn()
- EDITOR: added menu items: view source, edit object
- EDITOR: new shortcuts F9 and SHIFT-F9 (edit local, edit object)


- GUI: added status text to all implemented menu items
- LUA: added setImage(), getImage(), Sprite:SetImage()
- LUA: added setState(), findSprite(), alert()
- LUA: added getExtra(), getExtraC(), getExtraUID()
- LUA: added triggerPlayerHitState()
- LUA: added hitTest(), hitTestC()
- LUA: added Extra class to provide access to sprites runtime data (readonly)
- ENGINE: onZKEY event called for player object when Z-KEY is pressed
- ENGINE: ZKeyTrigger class no longer changes the image of the source object
- ENGINE: noChangeAtDeath flag to preserve sprite corpses
- ENGINE: three jump modes available (VLA3, GIANA and MIXED)
- BUG FIX: hitTest logic not working in some cases

VLA3: is the engine default; you need to press JUMP + AIM
GIANA: press UP to jump and move LEFT/RIGHT
MIXED: press JUMP and move LEFT/RIGHT

The biggest difference between GIANA and MIXED is that the later also lets you
climb ladders. :D


« on: March 24, 2011, 05:32:41 pm »

What`s new in

- GUI: added pause/restart/debug menu items.
- GUI: added splash screen
- BUG FIX: exiting the game from the menu corrupts the imageSets
- BUG FIX: UI for animation (add, duplicate and delete) showing wrong tooltips
- BUG FIX: a monster repeating animation prevents 'death sequence'
- BUG FIX: player sprite disapears from view when killed (animSeq bug)
- ENGINE: maxFall now an object property (player only atm)
- ENGINE: added game.prepareLevel() event
- ENGINE: added object.mouseClickLeft and object.mouseClickRight events
- DEMOS: updated the demos


Quote from: "model76"
I don't know when/if I will have time to do more testing for you, as I have my own project. Besides, I don't enjoy testing that much  :?

I think I finally identified and fix the bug you reported earlier. I have uploaded an updated version on the web site. If you read this, please run it again and let me know if there are still any more problems.

http://www.sassociations.net/cfrankb/lgck/download.htm bug fix release

- GUI: new icons courtesy of Ronnie Edwards
- BUG FIX: player hurt animation not running
- BUG FIX: animation doesn't switch to UP while default animation running (loop)  
- BUG FIX: skill level not initialized properly through gui (editor)
- BUG FIX: layer UI not updated correctly in editor
- BUG FIX: class_immediatly_deadly not working
- BUG FIX: player can be hurt after being killed
- BUG FIX: player leaves the viewport
- BUG FIX: fixed the bug reported by model76 (windows only)
- LUA: Inventory Class
- LUA: addToInventory(), removeFromInventory(), hasItem() and resetInventory()
- LUA: getSkill() (alias for SKILL)
- ENGINE: fallSpeed now an object property
- CODE: reorganized some files to speed up compilation time

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

It is possible to exit the level at any time and return to the editor by pressing the ESC key. This may not be clear. I'll add a menu option in the next release.

I tried it on a clean install of XP SP2 with an integrated ATI card and couldn't replicate the problems you reported. I did run into something similar on Vista32 when LGCK was executed in combination with some other applications (Logitech Webcam Software Suite I'm looking at you). What other applications did you run/were running prior to the test run of LGCK? This might help to discern if there is a pattern. If possible, you could try to disable every non essential applications and test to see if the problem persists. This would help enormously.

Good catch. The riding on top of the monster is VLA3 specific. Since most sidescrollers expect this type of collision to be deadly this will have be changed in the future.

Frank B.

I need to know which level / gamedb and  OS / video card combination you were using at the time of the crash.

Frank B.

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