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SFML projects / Re: Thor 2.0 released!
« on: May 15, 2016, 02:32:34 am »
I have some questions regarding the animations library.

It seems like I am not able to play differrent animations for different sprites at the same time.
I have 2 entities ( 1 Player, 1 NPC ), the players movement is triggered by user input. The NPC just moves to random coordinates. Both entities call a function from my AnimationHandler => PlayAnimation(string animationId, Sprite sprite, bool loop = false), where animationId is the id of the animation to play on the given sprite.
This function runs PlayAnimation(animationId, loop) on the animator and adds the given Sprite to a list.

Then in the game loop I call the animate and the update function of my AnimationHandler, the update function triggers the update of the animator, the animate function runs trough a list of sprites and animates them.

This works perfect for 1 entity, but as i try to handle 2 entities with different animations running, it doesnt seem to work. How am I able to build an working AnimationHandler for more than 1 entity?

I already fixed my problem.

SFML projects / Re: [Release][GUI] SFML + ImGui lib
« on: May 14, 2016, 08:44:12 pm »
Is this or something similar to this available for the SFML.NET Bindings?

Is this library still in active development?

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