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General discussions / Re: SFML Network with SDL2
« on: June 19, 2014, 08:21:55 pm »
I think yes, it is working :)

Jesper and the others make pretty fair observations indeed.. I'd just say that worse than a lacking C++ knowledge,(I think Lolilolight has enough c++ knowledge to get something decent done) is the complete cluelessness about engine architectures..

He doesn't seem to have any idea how old engines used to be built and much less how modern engines are being built (They are successful and thriving for a reason, but you seem to think your design is simply better than theirs). Yet, you seem to think you can make an awesome engine on the first try, with the first weird clueless design you could came up with.. Not only your end to this task is poorly defined, you are taking the wrong path in the wrong way...

But well, no one better than a future you to proove to yourself the things people have been saying around here.. I think some day you will understand that "those little things that you just need to finish to be done with it" are actually tasks so complex that you can't even do yet.. Even if you don't get to that, I truly wish you the best of luck and success in what you're doing :)

General / Re: Hi all!
« on: June 08, 2014, 10:00:16 pm »
Guys don't waste words until you are 100% sure its not trolling.. It seems like trolling to me...

This has been going for months and he still has absolutely nothing done..

I think I never met anyone to whom this article(http://scientificninja.com/blog/write-games-not-engines) applies more...

SFML game jam / Re: Game Submissions now open
« on: June 06, 2014, 10:34:52 pm »
SFML Game Jam is serious business

I took that as a mocking commentary with no harm, and I really think I have to agree with you 100%. Maybe the jam should happen more freely? Let everyone do as they please (as long as SFML is a part of it) .

Just maybe, we are spending too much energy focusing on these strict rules instead of promoting a fun environment and advertising the jam to bring more participants.

If you really want to use using namespace, you can also choose which type is known by default with using..

using sf::Integer; or
using sdl::Integer;
(change to proper type names)

If I am not mistaken that works well to choose which type will then belong to the global namespace.

Why are you discussing SDL topics in the SFML forum?

Maybe your awesome library will run even more awesome when fully ported to SDL, I bet everyone in the SDL forum is anxious to have you in the community : )

Yay now you can share the pain with the SDL forum people too :)

SFML game jam / Re: Game Submissions now open
« on: June 05, 2014, 12:32:45 am »
I think because puzzle is a game genre, its not really fit to also be a theme. Otherwise you could say the theme is RPG, or sport game, and those aren't themes either and I think we all agree..

SFML game jam / Re: Game Submissions now open
« on: June 04, 2014, 09:08:34 pm »
Next time we totally should advertise more : ) (and a better theme)

How would the games your framework could do in 5 years look like? : )

Where are you from if I might ask? And how old are you? :)

Those shadows beside not looking good they are also incorrect :/ And this is the same scene you've shown months ago, there is nothing new..

You can't even get a good isometric game yet with the library, how do you expect to nail ALL other game genres perspectives and so on?

Also, it would rock if you could pay more attention to your english. I am totally fine with reading the broken english in every post but seeing you write the same way in your editors / source code is heartbreaking and sounds plain sloppy.. :(

Can you explain why did you implement SAT if you are about to pick a physics library? You're making something really hard to make and yet, apparently, your biggest enemy is yourself :)

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