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Author Topic: SoundBorb  (Read 3516 times)

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« on: March 10, 2009, 10:06:17 pm »
ok this is a request but its not really to the sfml team but if this is an inappropriate place please move the thread

hopefully some of you out there have used soundborb before, if not check out http://soundborb.com/ its a dynamic ambience generator which can create a sort of procedural'ish kind of ambient music, there are several sliders which affect the mood and tone of the ambience

soundborb sound packs use multiple ogg files and a dat file with parameters to tell the program how/when etc to play the different sounds
heres an example:
Code: [Select]

// Sound Borb
// Copyright 2007 Tom Gersic
// module: A Deep, Dark Place
// Created by Intelligent Machinery Net
//main image file
image=images/A Deep, Dark Place.jpg
//audio files
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/001.ogg:true:0:true:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/002.ogg:true:2:true:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/003.ogg:false:2:false:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/004.ogg:true:0:true:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/005.ogg:false:1:true:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/006.ogg:true:1:true:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/007.ogg:true:1:false:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/008.ogg:true:0:false:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/009.ogg:true:2:false:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/010.ogg:false:0:false:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/011.ogg:false:1:false:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/012.ogg:false:2:true:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/013.ogg:true:2:false:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/014.ogg:true:1:true:true
audio/A Deep, Dark Place/015.ogg:true:0:false:true
// Made with Borbifier public beta 1

i was curious about getting some sort of soundborb-esque system going in sfml and/or hoping to actually be able to use and play a soundborb pack using sfml
however, since im not a very good programmer yet i dont think im up to the task of doing this myself, and wondered if anyone around with spare time/interest would want to do this (its not a demand, but just a suggestion if anyone felt like it)

feel free to discuss the concept / dynamic ambient sound generation and its usage here

i personally wanted to create a game with a dynamic ambient soundtrack that changed depending on game events/amount of enemies onscreen etc etc, certain sliders would be tied to certain events and statistics and so on, so i figured i would throw this idea out there since i cant do it myself yet :>

also sorry for the lack of capitalization formatting and punctuation, i am on a bad sleeping schedule and am really too burned out to be bothered