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Author Topic: Shooting SFML Game  (Read 1928 times)

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Shooting SFML Game
« on: June 26, 2013, 11:08:20 am »
Good morning, i've made a game with SFML, it was a project given to us by the teacher

So the rectangles explode after touching them 3 times , each hit increases it's speed, and when it explodes, every rectangle that's near explodes too.

For the Circles, they reduce their radius until they hit 5 pixels, and then explodes while making every near circle explode too.

i've made the score, FPS, and the time limit, some background music and explosion and shoot effects, with a menu too to choose the timelimit, i know it's not very good but i've done it myself ! :)

The game is kinda slow :( it usually turns around 60 FPS but thanks to fraps i can only have it 30 FPS otherwise it lags -.-



Hope i can have your opinions !! :)